• Not everything in life can be equally important

    Not everything in life can be equally important

    There’s a movement underway to get back to the basics. To move away from possession-cluttered, debt-overloaded, work-burdened, and time-starved lives. To make lifestyle choices that minimize the “more is better” mindset, and maximize the reality that simplicity means more time, balance, and satisfaction. It means less not more Simplicity is clarifying what matters most and […]

  • Making time for what matters most

    You’re living a busy life. Caring for children, caretaking elderly parents. Working and making ends meet. Running errands, marking off chores, doing what needs to be done. And if you’re like most women, time feels in short supply. I wish I had more time. There aren’t enough hours in the day. I’ll get around to it […]

  • Falling prey to distractions

    Is your attention being diverted from what really matters?

    I was having an extremely busy day filled with meetings, deadlines, and project work. It seemed every few minutes there was some new distraction—some were external, such as a phone call or colleague stopping by with a question. But some distractions were self-generated: I kept interrupting the flow of work to focus on something else. […]