Love, Joy & High-Vibe Living: making time

You’re living a busy life.

Caring for children, caretaking elderly parents. Working and making ends meet. Running errands, marking off chores, doing what needs to be done.

And if you’re like most women, time feels in short supply.

  • I wish I had more time.
  • There aren’t enough hours in the day.
  • I’ll get around to it when I have more time.

Someday syndrome

There’s likely some of what really matters embedded in how you spent your last 24 hours. But is there enough?

Or are you deferring what matters most until some magical moment in the future when suddenly you won’t be so busy?

Waiting is risky

Waiting until you find the time to get around to something that really matters is risky.

Because that moment may never come.

Time doesn’t magically appear…

  • When the kids are in school or when they’re grown.
  • When you get a promotion or find a new job.
  • When the house is paid off or even when you retire.

Because each milestone leads to new things filling your calendar and demanding your attention. There’s simply no Someday when time expands and you’re suddenly granted extra hours in your day.

Finding time versus making time

Time is a created thing. To say ‘I don’t have time’ is to say ‘I don’t want to.’ —Lao Tzu

Time for what matters most comes when you decide to make the time. It starts with the decision to truly shape your life around what matters most.

Which means saying lots and lots of small nos so you can embrace your Bigger Yes.

The time is now. Will you make time for what matters most to you?