• Maybe you should embrace what you envy

    Has this ever happened to you? You find yourself checking Facebook, scrolling through your Instagram feed, and browsing Pinterest boards. You tell yourself it’s for inspiration. Or you’re just curious. But when you see what SHE’s doing and what SHE’s done, you don’t feel inspired. Instead, you feel deflated. Your little game of comparison quickly […]

  • Mindset: Dreams are impractical

    Dreams are impractical. Or are they?

    It hurts my heart when someone says dreams are impractical. Hurts my head and soul too. And I do hear it. At least a couple times a month. Sometimes more. I’ve heard it from clients, workshop attendees, the woman doing my nails, the man seated next to me on the plane. This bleak mindset sometimes […]

  • Why are you neglecting that part of you?

    Why are you neglecting that part of you?

    Is there some aspirational part of yourself you’ve been neglecting? You know what I mean—the part of you that waits for “Someday.” Someday… Someday I’ll get healthy, start a business, find time to express my creativity. Someday I’ll change careers, love myself, take a trip across country. Someday I’ll revive my relationship, write a book, […]