Appreciation & Mindset: comparison

Has this ever happened to you?

You find yourself checking Facebook, scrolling through your Instagram feed, and browsing Pinterest boards. You tell yourself it’s for inspiration. Or you’re just curious.

But when you see what SHE’s doing and what SHE’s done, you don’t feel inspired. Instead, you feel deflated.

Your little game of comparison quickly leads to self-doubt.

I don’t have what it takes. I could never do what she’s doing. My life/house/relationship/body/job is nothing like that.

Suddenly, none of it feels inspirational. Or even aspirational. Your curiosity has turned into self-criticism.

Your emotions spiral downward until you find yourself binge-watching reruns of House Hunters in your sweatpants while eating cookie dough ice cream.

That’s what comparison can do. When you do it wrong.

But let’s imagine something different.

What if you stop comparing yourself to others as a thinly veiled way to beat yourself up?

Instead, what if you embrace that what you envy is an opportunity to clarify what you crave, orient around what’s missing, and navigate in the direction of what you want to create for yourself?

Let’s unpack that.

Embrace what you envy as an opportunity to clarify what you crave.

You see photos of clutter-free family rooms and homes that reflect an intentionally edited and curated life. It clarifies you’re craving less stuff in your own living spaces and more simplicity in your life as a whole.

Embrace what you envy as an opportunity to orient around what’s missing.

You see photos of creative pursuits and feel a pang. You’ve put your hobbies on the back burner and creativity is missing from your life. You vow to get reacquainted with your creative side.

Embrace what you envy as an opportunity to navigate in the direction of what you want to create for yourself.

You see photos of a different way to live, a slower pace of life. Leisure. Fun. Relaxation. Self-care. It’s all a stark contrast to the nose-to-the-grindstone, sleep-deprived frenzy of your own life. You want to course correct and navigate in the direction of a shorter To Do list and a slower pace of life.

Comparison is human nature. Instead of trying not to engage in comparison, why not use comparison for the clues it provides?

Is comparison the thief of joy or a clue to what you crave? You decide.

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