• I’ve had enough of performing, perfecting, pleasing and proving

    Do you know what’s exhausting? Hustling for worthiness. Performing, when you’re not an actor. Perfecting, when your standard means nothing is ever quite good enough. Pleasing, when you’re an approval junkie. Proving, when that little voice whispers, You’re not enough. I’ll bet you know what I’m talking about. Because I’ve yet to meet a woman […]

  • On my nightstand: The next time I stumble and fall, I want to rise strong

    In a good book the best is between the lines. –Swedish Proverb Here’s what I’m currently reading— Brené Brown is a hero of mine, so I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of her new book, Rising Strong. Finally it’s here! If you’re not familiar with her other books, check them out. Here’s the short and sweet of […]