• These 6 habits guarantee life is a struggle

    Are you crazy busy? Do you tend to complicate things? Find yourself getting stuck in confusion? Are any of those how you get in your own way? Or maybe you’re easily distracted. And struggle with what’s a priority—and what’s not. Even find yourself putting productivity ahead of people. If any of these sound familiar, read […]

  • What to do when your To Do list makes you feel bad

    Most of us are too quick to add items to our To Do list. Which means these lists very quickly become a mile long. Overwhelming and unmanageable. De-energizing and undoable. What’s your list like? What about you? If I looked at your To Do list, how many items would I find? Only a handful? Dozens? […]

  • Read this if overwhelm is your kryptonite

    Last week I was discussing a big work project with a friend. OK, full disclosure: “Discussing” might be a little misleading. There was a fair amount of whining on my part and kvetching about whether I’d meet my year-end deadline. I whined about the ever-expanding size and scope of the task at hand. I droned […]

  • Why my carry-on bag has me questioning life

    I recently returned from a 17-day adventure in Paris. And I can’t stop thinking about my carry-on. I took a compact 20″ hardside spinner that fit with room to spare in the overhead. In it were my favorite clothes and must-have essentials. Even with only 20 x 14 x 9 inches, I packed more than […]

  • On my nightstand: Essentialism

    In a good book the best is between the lines. –Swedish Proverb Here’s what I’m currently reading— This book ended up on my nightstand for a couple reasons: 1) As a proponent of minimalism and getting rid of excess, essentialism resonates. I like the idea of a “systematic discipline for discerning what is absolutely essential, […]