• Do you ask for these 3 kinds of help?

    I find myself asking for three kinds of help. And I’ve learned it’s useful if I’m clear ahead of time about what type of help I’m really after—and to make it clear to the person on the other end of my “ask”. Here are the three types of help I’m usually looking for. How do […]

  • What 7 questions are on your mind?

    There’s nothing better than a good question. You know the kind. A juicy question that starts the wheels turning. One that invites breakthrough thinking and offers newfound clarity. Those are the kind of quality questions I love. The problem is, sometimes we have to wait a long time before someone asks us the kind of […]

  • If you don't know, who does?

    If you don’t know, who does?

    I’ve noticed many women say, I don’t know when asked about what they think or feel or want. What do you think will help you take better care of yourself? I don’t know. What kind of work do you think you’d be happier doing? I don’t know. What do you want for your next chapter?  I […]

  • What 7 questions will you ask?

    Anyone who knows me knows I love questions. The more the better. I’m a big believer in asking questions. A quality question can open the door to discovery and invite breakthrough thinking. It generates insight, which can lead to action and ignite change. Perhaps you have a friend or colleague who’s adept at asking quality […]