• I refuse to focus on what I didn’t get done

    The world can be divided into two camps: People who make lists and those who don’t. I know who I am. It seems I’ve spent a lifetime making To Do lists. Scribbled on notepads, written neatly in planners, entered into apps… I’m this person: If I complete a task that wasn’t originally on my To […]

  • Are you making low-energy choices?

    Do you see yourself in these low-energy choices?

    There is energy associated with every choice you make. A low-energy choice leaves you feeling drained, conflicted, stuck, disconnected, fearful, frustrated, hopeless, and ready to crawl back into bed. You contract into a low-energy choice, and it leaves you feeling “less than”. Do you see yourself in any of these low-energy choices? Negativity This low-energy […]