Problems vs. Solutions: setback

I recently saw an advertisement for a car that said, “Takes bumps easily.”

Oh, to be that car!

So often we don’t take bumps easily. We can’t see past the bump. We get stuck in the bump. We relive the bump. We let the bump define us.

After the setback

I’ve noticed two distinct reactions to setbacks.

  • There are those who experience the bump, feel the disappointment, anger, anxiety, hurt, or fear (or sometimes all these emotions), and then make a conscious choice to move on.
  • And then there are others who experience the bump, feel all those same emotions, but never move on. They stay mired in a perpetual loop—always returning to the beginning of the bump, reliving and keeping its impact alive.

I don’t mean to imply the first group moves on in the blink of an eye.

No, it can take awhile. But not overly long, and not without a decision being made.

Taking bumps more easily

At some point, the decision is made to move on. To take the bump more easily.

Your journey can either be defined by the bump, or you move on and only see the setback in your rearview mirror.

How do you handle setbacks? How could you take bumps more easily?