Manifesting & Deliberate Creation: scripting

I want to talk about how to use scripting to manifest what you want in life.

So let’s start at the beginning. Scripting comes from the book Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires, and is one of 22 processes outlined to help you improve your point of attraction.

Remember, when you improve your point of attraction, the Law of Attraction must bring you circumstances, events, relationships, experiences, and powerful evidence of your shift in vibration. That’s what you want!

When to use scripting

So scripting is process #9. And just like all 22 processes, you’re guided to which one is right depending on your current emotional set-point.

For instance, some of the processes are for improving your point of attraction when you’re already feeling pretty good, while some are designed to be used when you’re at the lower end of the emotional scale—say feeling discouragement or anger.

Scripting is intended when you’re hanging out between passion and hopefulness—numbers two through six on the emotional scale. So, if you’re feeling passion, enthusiasm, eagerness, happiness, positive expectation, belief, optimism or hopefulness, scripting is an appropriate process to use to further improve your point of attraction.

Now the reason you wouldn’t want to use scripting if you’re hanging out further down the emotional scale is because this process is going to help you get momentum around where you already are. You’re going to increase your vibration through scripting, so you need to be in a good place to begin with.

If you’re struggling, don’t script. This is meant to be a light and playful process. It’s intended to be fun. So don’t make work of it.

But what is scripting?

Hopefully that sets the stage for when you should use this process. But what do I mean by scripting?

Well, the best way to understand scripting is to think about a screenwriter and a script. A screenwriter simply tells a story, right?

In this case, you’re the screenwriter, the main character is YOU, and you get to tell the story of exactly what you want. You script it like you want it to be.

Abraham suggests to really grasp the concept of scripting, imagine that your notebook or your computer is magical. Whatever you write or type is going to happen.

That’s right. You describe the desired events, circumstances, things, people, and places—and then the scene plays out in your experience. You describe the setting and the dialogue. You script the characters and the plot.

“So, this is how the Scripting Process works: Pretend that you are a writer and that whatever you write will be performed exactly as you write it. Your only job is to describe, in detail, everything exactly as you want it to be.” —Ask and It Is Given

That’s what scripting is. You simply describe in detail everything exactly as you want it to be.

How fun is that?! And easy, right?

The power of story

What makes the scripting process so powerful is it offers the power of story.

Storytelling connects you with your imagination and with your emotions in a light and fun way. Scripting gives you creative license. You get to wave a magic wand, so to speak, with your words and weave whatever story pleases you.

I just love that!

“As you are having fun playing this game, and are not taking it too seriously, any of your hindering beliefs are less likely to be activated. In other words, by pretending that your typewriter, word processor, computer, or notebook is magical, and that whatever you write can be realized, you accomplish the two things that are necessary in the achievement of anything: You focus the lens of your desire, and you offer no resistance.” —Ask and It Is Given

Let’s unpack that.

First, scripting helps you focus the lens of your desire. Which is a fancy way of saying scripting is going to help you get really clear about what you want. When you script, highlight all the details of what you want, get specific.

“The life I live is created by the story I tell.” —Abraham

You’re going to write a script of the specifics of what you want. Not with the purpose of making something happen, but for the purpose of enjoying the scripting. Revel in the details and enjoy telling the story of what you want.

Second, when you are scripting, you offer no resistance. Remember, you have a magic notebook and whatever you script will be. So no resistance is necessary.

I’ve found scripting allows me to enjoy asking for what I want. Which then puts me in receptive mode to receive what I want.

Getting in vibrational harmony

Scripting in a light and fun way is going to help you get in vibrational harmony with what you want. Always remember, to receive what you want, you have to be a vibrational match to what you desire. Well, that is what scripting helps you do!

“The purpose of this process is to practice the feeling of the life you would like to live.” —Ask and It Is Given

Trust yourself and the scripting process. You’ll get better at being able to describe what it is you want with specificity AND you’ll get better at finding the feeling place of what you want.

Now, efforting is counter to vibrational allowing.

When you’re scripting you want to enjoy the process and feel inspired to say more. You’re not struggling; you’re not feeling challenged.

You’re light and playful and taking THAT vibration further. You’re milking that vibration.

Will you give scripting a try?

If you feel the Universe is flowing it to you, give scripting a try. It’s not difficult or complicated. You can do it with a plain ol’ notebook or simply open a document on your computer and start typing.

Remember, you want to use the scripting process when you’re feeling somewhere between passion and hopefulness on the emotional scale.

In a lighthearted way, simply pretend everything you write will come to pass.

All you have to do is tell the story of exactly what you want. Bask in the delicious detail. Feel the excitement and positive expectation about what you want.

When you’re scripting, YOU are the main character. And it’s your story. The plot can be whatever you want it to be. Weave in characters and details in whatever way pleases you.

As you script, you’ll feel that by focusing thought in this way you are also focusing energy. And that feel-good energy will start to get momentum.

What’s great is when you’re scripting, you are offering your vibration deliberately. And that is SUCH an empowered place to be!

Have fun with it!

“You can’t write a script without the future being full of it.” —Abraham