Gunk of Low-Energy Living: self-care

This is a dangerous lie that ignores basic facts about mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

This lie—self-care is selfish—leads to worn out, frazzled, harried, stressed, overwhelmed women. It’s not a pretty sight.

It’s wonderful to do for others. But it crosses the line into unhealthy when it’s at the sacrifice of yourself.

Think of the last time you were on a plane. Remember what the flight attendant said: Put on your own oxygen mask first.

Failing to practice self-care just doesn’t work in the long run.

Oh, it might work for awhile. But you can’t give and do and help without ever putting something back in the tank. It’s not sustainable.

After awhile, the tank is simply empty. You’re running on fumes. Because the opposite of self-care is self-neglect.

Yes, it may feel good to take care of others, to give, and be needed.

But it’s not either/or.

You can still take care of your family, give to your friends, contribute at work, and show up in your community—all the while practicing top-notch self-care.

You are worth taking care of yourself.

And that doesn’t only mean a massage or good night’s sleep.

Self-care means treating yourself gently and speaking to yourself kindly. It’s an attitude of fully owning your place in the world and thinking, feeling, and acting like you matter too. You count too.

So stop being a martyr and putting everyone else first.

You deserve to be at the top of your list. Not only will you personally reap the benefits, but you’ll be better equipped to love, help, and support others when you come from a place of fullness.

Think about your own life. What tangible acts of self-care are you committed to starting this week? Beyond specific actions, how will you embrace an attitude of self-care?