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Today we’re going to talk about Steps 4 and 5 of manifesting.

Here’s my question: Do you know the five steps of manifesting? Or, like me, have you been focusing on the first three steps and kind of even forgot there are steps 4 and 5?

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn…

  • What Steps 3, 4, and 5 of manifesting have in common
  • The step of the creative process you’re probably on when you maintain your alignment late Sunday night when there are dirty dishes in the sink and laundry to be folded and your kid is sick
  • Why Abraham says it’s problematic when humans use manifestations as conditions to support emotions
  • How being upset about contrast means you are missing an opportunity to master Step 5
  • Why guilt and blame often come up when you experience contrast
  • The questions I’ve been using to build my LoA skills for Steps 4 and 5


“When you start living conditionally so you’re looking for good conditions that then cause you to feel good as you see them, you’re likely to find bad conditions that cause you to feel bad when you see them. And now you have no real control. Because the conditions (over which you have no control) are running the show about how you feel.” —Abraham

“Humans use manifestations as conditions to support emotions, and that’s what goes wrong with you. Because when you use conditions to support good-feeling emotions, now you are bound… now you are not free,
because you cannot control the conditions that you feel you need, to support the emotions.” —Abraham

“When you’re approaching contrast from an aligned point of view, it does not sting, it interests. A problem does not feel like a problem, it feels like an opportunity for expansion.” —Abraham

“When a contrasting thing happens to you, you acknowledge its value for the clarity that it will bring. For the expansion that it will bring. For the evolvement that it produces. For the eternalness that it promises. So you’re way past ever beating up on yourself or anybody else. You’re just acknowledging ‘Hey, hey, here it is. There’s something here. This doesn’t feel so good to me. I can do something about this.’ You’re not beating up on yourself. You’re just making choices based upon that contrast. And blessing the contrast.” —Abraham

“The contrast is necessary for the focus. But the beating yourself up for the contrast is not necessary.” —Abraham

“What if your own Inner Being is guiding you to contrast for the benefit of the clarity it will bring?” —Abraham

“In order for life to expand, there must be contrast. That’s what you came for. Plus, how do you know what you want without knowing what you don’t want? As you’re exploring contrast, know that you’re not doing something wrong by being in contrast. Instead, look at it from the vantage point that, ‘It’s not wrong to have a problem, it’s the path to the solution.’” —Abraham

“If you are looking for conditions that feel good, to feel good, but then you look at conditions that don’t feel good, so you feel bad, you have no control over the way you feel-other than to attempt, a futile attempt, to control conditions.” —Abraham

“You cannot control conditions and find alignment.” —Abraham

“This is the thing we wish for all of you. We don’t want you to learn to control conditions so that you can win the game. We want you to learn to control the vibration of your being, so that you can feel good in the game, win or lose, you see. We want the conditions to be irrelevant. And once you do that, you’ll win way more games. Once you do that, more of the things that you want will flow into your experience. And it is a noticeable factor, isn’t it, those of you who’ve been living it? Life just gets better and better. The conditions reflect the vibration you’ve practiced. It’s just the way it is.” —Abraham


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