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Welcome to Love Your Life + Law of Attraction.

Today we’re going to talk about how you created your current reality—and why understanding this will help you become a better manifester.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn…

  • How to look around and see evidence of your beliefs everywhere
  • The very real drawback to taking an a la carte approach to how reality is created
  • The story I was hesitant to share for fear of offending you
  • The argument that caused me to forget everything I know about Law of Attraction
  • Why it’s easy to talk about LoA and manifestations of all the good stuff, but a different story when it comes to unwanted manifestations
  • What Louise Hay says your body will tell you when you are going against what is for your highest good
  • Two questions to ask about your current reality that are very likely to produce an Aha! moment


“What you think about activates a vibration within you.” —Abraham

“Every time you spend time looking at something unwanted, you just practice the vibration that attracts it to you.” —Abraham

“We attract to ourselves what we hold inside. Every circumstance, every person, and every situation that we attract and experience is based on what is inside of us. Could you ask for a more magnificent system than this? Your life is a reflection of what you hold inside you, and what you hold inside you is always under your control.” —The Secret Daily Teachings

“The most valuable skill or talent that you could ever develop is that of directing your thoughts toward what you want.” —Abraham

“What you are living is the evidence of what you are thinking and feeling—every single time.” —Abraham

“Illness is the body’s way of telling us that there is a false idea in our consciousness. Something that we are believing, saying, doing, or thinking is not for our highest good. I always picture the body tugging at us saying, ‘Please pay attention.’” —Louise Hay

“Your body is an absolute mirror of your mind. As you worry, your body shows it. As you love, your body shows it. As you are overwhelmed, your body shows it. As you are angry, your body shows it. Every cell of your body is being allowed or resisted by the way you feel.” —Abraham

“A belief is only a thought you continue to think; and when your beliefs match your desires, then your desires must become your reality.” —Abraham

“My manifestations are the indicators of my beliefs… It is always true that whatever you are living always matches your chronic Vibrational patterns, or beliefs. And it does not matter if you have an excellent excuse for your negative thoughts and negative emotions—they still equal your point of attraction. What is manifesting on every subject in your life is an indicator of the beliefs you hold and your chronic patterns of thought.” —Getting into the Vortex Cards

“The evidence does not support your belief. The evidence was created by your belief.” —Abraham


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