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Today we’re going to talk about approval seeking—and how it hinders your joyousness and gets in the way of leveraging Law of Attraction.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn…

  • Tell-tale signs you’re seeking approval outside yourself and what approval seeking has to do with insecurity
  • What Abraham says about standing on your head to please others and how this creates an out of balance situation
  • The paradox of becoming a magnet when you stop caring what others think about you
  • The quote worth putting on a bumper sticker about leaving your Vortex and how people pleasing causes misalignment
  • The beauty of detaching from other people’s opinions of you—both positive and negative


“Seeking approval of others hinders my joyousness. If the way you feel depends on anything outside of you, you’re in trouble. But if you depend only upon your connection with your own Inner Being, then everything in your experience falls into alignment.” —Abraham

“All insecurity, every bit of insecurity that anyone/everyone feels is because they’re looking for someone else’s approval rather than closing their own vibrational gap, every single time. No exceptions.” —Abraham

“Do not get drawn into anyone’s drama. Do not stand on your head to please others in a distorted way of soothing their misalignment. It’s better to let those things that are not a match leave your experience.” —Abraham

“You must release your desire for the approval of others, because as long as you are letting the approval of others affect you, you will always be in an out of balance situation, because they are all wanting something different from you.” —Abraham

“We want you to stop caring about what anybody else’s response is to you. And when you get there, they’ll all really, really like you. It’s the strangest thing. When you need their approval, you never get it. And when you don’t need their approval, you’re so tuned in, everybody wants to be with you.” —Abraham

“Stop leaving your Vortex for their approval.” —Abraham

“Create for your satisfaction not for the approval of others” —Abraham

“My joy doesn’t depend upon the approval of others. No effective guidance will ever be achieved by seeking the approval of others, for they all desire different things of you. Constant, pure guidance from Source comes forth from within you. It is always there.” —Abraham

“Seeking their approval is the opposite of seeking your own alignment.” —Abraham

“Detachment isn’t selfish. It’s caring for yourself and letting others care for themselves.” —Abraham

“If we were standing in your physical shoes, that would be our dominant quest: entertaining yourself, pleasing yourself, connecting with yourself, being yourself, enjoying yourself, loving yourself.” —Abraham

“Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.” —Lao Tzu


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