Gunk of Low-Energy Living: making a will

I really hate tolerations. Those nagging energy drains that lurk in the background of life, sapping the spirit.

So I’ve gotten really good at nipping them in the bud. I have specific strategies in place to keep tolerations from coming into my life, and when one does get through, I’m usually quick to address it.

It has grown big and hairy

But there’s a toleration in my life that’s been nagging for awhile now. And the longer it goes unaddressed and undone, the bigger and hairier it grows in my mind.

Which means it’s morphed from a rather straightforward task on a To Do list into an emotional and mental black hole. Even when I’m not consciously thinking about the need to tackle it, this toleration is eating away at my subconscious peace of mind.

I bet you’re wondering: What is this big awful scary hairy task?

It’s making a will.

I have assets, but I’m not Warren Buffett, so we’re not talking about maximum complexity here.

But I don’t like thinking about what a will represents. Dying, death. Not being here.

I’m not one of those people who can talk about death and dying in the same breath as the weather and weekend plans. In fact, I’m kind of a lightweight when it comes to this one certainty of life.

What about your digital life?

In today’s world, it’s not just physical and financial assets that need to be addressed with a will. It’s also your digital life.

What do you want to happen to your Facebook page when you die? Or your Twitter account? What are your wishes when it comes to your Instagram photos and Pinterest boards? Or for me, what happens to my blog?

The other day I mentioned my stalling and squeamishness to my Mom. In her always loving but oh-so-wise way, she told me I need to get a backbone. And she’s right.

The bigger why

I need to look past my own discomfort to the bigger why.

Why do I even want a will in place?

Because I want to lighten the load of those left to deal with what I leave behind. My physical stuff. My assets. My digital footprint.

When I think about the soul searching and decision-making necessary to produce a will, I feel stuck. But when I think about what the will represents—to lighten the load of those I leave behind—I feel I can move forward.

Free to move forward

Tolerations are funny that way. At the root of many are simply things we don’t feel like doing. But if we can get really clear about the why, it frees us to move forward.

I’ve resolved not to carry this particular toleration into new year. Which means my backbone and I have three weeks to make my will and take this toleration off my radar.

Do you have a big, hairy, scary toleration you’ve been unwilling to deal with? What would it take to get it resolved so you don’t take the energy drain into the new year?