Love, Joy & High-Vibe Living: contribute

I have a friend who has a mindset wired for contribution.

Whatever the day, whatever the circumstance, her default setting is: How can I contribute?

It’s a marvel to witness the world she creates through this lens of contribution.

  • When she meets someone new. How can I contribute to connecting with this person?
  • When she joins a book club. How can I contribute to growing and strengthening this community?
  • When a family member is ill. How can I contribute to help lighten the load of illness?
  • When a project gets underway at work. How can I contribute to the success of this work and those around me?
  • When a friend asks for advice. How can I contribute to my friend finding her own answers.

Contribution is her reoccurring theme, her filter, her lens. She’s empowered with this mindset, and at the same time she empowers others.

That’s the power of mindset: It changes how you see the world, which in turn changes the world around you.

What’s your empowered, empowering mindset?