Gunk of Low-Energy Living: clutter

A friend called in a state of overwhelm.

She’d finally decided to tackle the clutter that filled her home, but was struggling to find a strategy that felt doable.

Organized clutter is still clutter.

Her first inclination was to organize.

Most of us have been down that road where we organize our clutter instead of getting rid of it.

We buy new containers and various storage organizers. We sort like items. We take things from one room and move them to another. We make all the piles neat and orderly. There are new boxes and bins. Maybe some color coding and new labels.

But the problem is: We still have clutter. It’s just been shuffled, sifted, sorted, and stored.

When we re-store the same stuff, we miss our opportunity to be restored.

Want to experience renewal in your life? Let go.

  • Of things you don’t use.
  • Of things you don’t love.
  • Of things that distract you from who you are today because they’re tied to who you were in the past.

If you find yourself ready to reorganize your clutter in an attempt to find space and serenity, ask yourself, Is this item truly useful to me? Is it inspiring to me? If the answer is “no”, don’t miss an opportunity to restore yourself.

What is enough?

While you’re at it, find a new definition of “enough” so there’s room in your space to breathe. Surround yourself with only those things that give your life meaning and energy.

Of course, this is true for physical possessions, but it’s also true for mental and emotional clutter—limiting beliefs, regrets, perfectionism, people pleasing, etc. Isn’t it time to toss all those draining mindsets that don’t serve you?

Are you tempted to reorganize rather than rid yourself of what holds you back and weighs you down?