Gunk of Low-Energy Living: busy

Here’s the question on my mind lately: Is busy a choice?

So I conducted an informal experiment this week. I paid special attention to what people said when I asked, How are you?

Ten of 12 responded with some variation of busy.

Oh my gosh, this summer is so busy I can’t catch my breath.

I can’t believe how swamped I am.

I’m busy with a capital “B”.

I’m crazy busy right now. Meeting myself coming and going.

Ten of 12. That’s a staggering 83%.

The “findings” from my unscientific study surprise me. And to be honest, they sadden me a little.

Because no one who responded with their state of busyness seemed especially happy about what was keeping them so busy.

In fact, quite the opposite with everyone telling me about their undone To Do lists and all the activities to get through in the coming days and weeks.

Why is everyone so busy? And why is everyone acting as if their state of busyness is totally disconnected from choices they’re making?