Manifesting & Deliberate Creation: I’ll believe it when I see it

We’ve all heard the saying, I’ll believe it when I see it.

Prove it. Show me evidence it’s real.

Well, I’ll believe it when I see it is a very bad idea when it comes to Law of Attraction.

I want you to go from the old outlook of I’ll believe it when I see it to the new outlook of I’ll see it when I believe it.

This is known as reversing the evidence of the senses.

Don’t wait to believe

Reversing the evidence of the senses means you don’t have to wait to see something to believe. You can use your imagination to envision what it is you want as if it’s already come to pass.

Imagination gives man the ability to project himself through time and space and rise above all limitations.” —Charles Fillmore

You can visualize in vivid detail. By using your imagination and visualizing, you can feel NOW how it is you want to feel.

“Your imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” —Albert Einstein

And along with visualizing and feeling your desire, you can also appreciate in advance.

Think about that combination—visualizing + feeling + appreciating. Think how powerful that is for manifestation.

Because Law of Attraction will respond

It will respond to your imagination. It will respond to your good feelings. And it will most certainly respond to your appreciation in advance for what you want.

“The Universe, which is responding to the thoughts you are thinking, does not distinguish between a thought from your observation of some observed reality and a thought brought about by your imagination. In either case, the thought equals your point of attraction—and if you focus upon it long enough, it will become your reality.” —Abraham

Resistance may show up

Now, when you try to reverse the evidence of the senses, resistance may show up.

Resistance might show up as doubt and worry. Resistance can show up as unworthiness, discouragement, pessimism.

Resistance can also show up by keeping you focused on the lack—the absence—of what you want.

Oh, I wish it would come. I wish it would get here. It hasn’t arrived yet. It’s not here.

Act like Amazon

When you order something from Amazon, you don’t sit around worrying it won’t come. You don’t walk around saying, I don’t think it’s going to arrive. I’m really afraid it won’t come.

No, you place your order and then you expect its arrival. You know it’s coming. You act like it’s coming. You eagerly await its arrival.

Your energy at that point is all positive expectation and a knowingness that what you want is on its way.

Well, that’s what you want to feel about the orders you place with the Universe. You want to drop the resistance.

Think good-feeling thoughts. Live from that good-feeling place in anticipation, with positive expectation and belief. Appreciate in advance what it is you want that’s coming—as if you already have it.

That is reversing the evidence of the senses.

“…your imagination is the Source of all that has yet to manifest for you. By staying only with what your senses tell you is your reality, you place a barrier to letting your imagination create all that you wish, all that you desire. Your imagination is unlimited. What is today, is restricted by just that: what is today.” —Wayne Dyer, Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting

Your new mantra

Which is it going to be?

Are you going to stay only with what your senses tell you is your reality or are you going to use your imagination to reverse the evidence of the senses? Even to transcend your senses!

I encourage you to adopt this as your mantra: What I believe, I will receive.

Reverse the evidence of the senses

Take one area of your life—maybe your relationships or career—or one thing you want—perhaps wellness or abundance, and reverse the evidence of the senses.

Reversing the evidence of the senses is a dance of sorts. And while I have five suggested “steps”, you have to find your own rhythm and create your own moves.

Step 1: Choose your thoughts deliberately.

Random thoughts may pop into your head, and that’s OK. But be sure to choose which thoughts you focus on and feed with your attention.

Step 2: Feel good.

You’ll have accomplished this by choosing your thoughts deliberately. Make the decision to think thoughts that feel good.

Step 3: Anticipate, expect, believe in what you want to manifest.

Be like you are when you order from Amazon. You anticipate, you expect, you believe your order will arrive. Positive expectation is such a feel-good emotion. So look forward to what you want and enjoy it coming into being.

Step 4: Appreciate in advance.

I love practicing appreciation ahead of time for something I want—before I get it. Because that’s where the magic of manifestation is.

Let’s say you really want a promotion at work. To reverse the evidence of the senses, you’re going to appreciate that promotion in advance.

“Appreciation is the purest vibration on the planet today.” —Abraham

Give appreciation in advance a try. It is ninja-level Law of Attraction

Step 5: Act as if.

  • You might say, If I get the promotion, I’ll take more initiative. OK, so take more initiative now. Act as if you’ve got the promotion.
  • You say, If I have abundance, I’ll be more generous. OK, be more generous now. Act as if you have abundance now.

Acting as if what you want has already manifested is easy once you’ve done the first four steps.

Think about it: When you choose your thoughts deliberately and feel good, and when you anticipate and appreciate what you want in advance—at that point, acting as if is just a natural by-product of those first four steps.

And you, my friend, will have reversed the evidence of the senses!