Intuition & Inner Knowing: intuitionI’ve been writing a daily letter to my intuition since mid-November. So I’m 60+ letters in.

And boy have I been surprised.

In the past, I would’ve said I didn’t even have intuition. When people talked about this mysterious, wise something-or-other directing them, I really had no idea what they were talking about.

If pressed, I would say, OK, yes, probably everyone has intuition. But I just don’t hear mine.

It all sounded fairly woo woo to me. But secretly I felt sort of envious. Like I was missing out on much needed guidance and wise advice.

Bumping up against intuition

Then awhile back I started to get very into studying Law of Attraction. Studying as in obsessed. And you can’t really go deep with Law of Attraction without bumping up against intuition.

So I took a recommendation from Jess Lively and started writing letters to my intuition. And just like with people, when you start asking questions, the conversation begins and the answers come.

I started with a sporadic letter here and there, usually when I was up against some problem or had a dilemma. But then for my birthday, I made the decision that for one year I would write a daily letter to my intuition.

Two months in, here’s what I know so far:

  • The more you communicate with your intuition, the more clear the channel of communication becomes. I’ve gone from I don’t have intuition to conversations with my intuition are the coolest conversations around. The more I’ve engaged in these conversations, the more readily I hear and feel the influence of this wiser part of myself.
  • My intuition is always loving, encouraging, peaceful, and solution-focused. It doesn’t matter what mood I’m in or what problem I bring to the table, my intuition meets the situation and me with love, encouragement, patience, and insight. It doesn’t matter how much I talk about the problem, my intuition stays focused on the solution—and always has amazing ideas for moving forward.
  • My intuition is way funnier than I am and has a great sense of humor. Especially about things I want to worry or complain about. Incapable of worry or complaint, my intuition likes to playfully and lovingly point out how absurd this use of energy is.
  • Sixty plus letters in, I’m really good at hearing my intuition. But that’s only half the equation. The other half is following the guidance offered. Sometimes I hear what my intuition advises and then I do the opposite. And that’s OK. My intuition never minds being ignored and doesn’t hold a grudge. But in hindsight I always wish I’d followed the advice because intuition knows best. Even when I think otherwise.

Would you like to have more of a relationship with your intuition?

Write a daily letter and start asking questions. You’ll marvel at your own wise counsel.