Manifesting & Deliberate Creation: manifesting

A friend wanted to know: Why do they say you only have to put your order in to the Universe once?

For example, you don’t keep ordering the same package over and over again from Amazon. You place your order just once and then trust and believe your order will arrive.

If you’re only supposed to place your order with the Universe once, meaning ask once and that’s it, why are you then supposed to look at, say, your vision board repeatedly? It seems like doing that is constantly repeating your request to the Universe.

It’s an interesting question, right?

If you create a vision board and look at it every day, how is that not asking repeatedly for what you want? And what is the problem with asking repeatedly anyway?

So here’s how I see it: How you look at your vision board every day is the difference between Step 1, which is Ask, and Step 3, which is Receive.

If you create a vision board and look at it every day, you could be doing that in one of two ways.

And one of those ways has you repeatedly making your request to the Universe and one does not.

You might initially create a vision board to clarify what you want and then to ask for what you want. That would be Step 1.

But then you actually use the vision board in an ongoing way to connect with the emotions of what’s pictured. And that is Step 3: Receive.

Let me share my real-life example: I use my vision portfolio just about every week (or two weeks at the most). And when I use my vision portfolio, which is simply a type of vision board, it’s about being in receiving mode and feeling now how I’ll feel when what is pictured in the portfolio manifests into form.

So when I’m looking at my vision portfolio, I’m feeling in advance of the manifestation. I’m feeling the empowerment and freedom and love. Feeling now how I’ll feel when what I want manifests is being in the receiving mode for what I want.

When I feel now how I will feel then, I’m a vibrational match to what I want to manifest.

If you have a vision board, when you look at it, are you feeling the emotions of what you want to manifest as if those things are already here? As if you’ve already achieved the goal, acquired the shiny penny, had the experience?

Or are you looking at your vision board and feeling thirsty for what you want? Desperate, yearning, longing for what’s pictured.

Because if someone is looking at her vision board and saying repeatedly I want this, I need this, then she’s thirsty for it and is blocking her desired manifestation because she’s activating the absence of what she wants.

In other words, rather than being a vibrational match to what she wants, she is a vibrational match to the lack of it. Which means what she wants, by Law of Attraction, will not manifest. It can’t!

When you are thirsty for your desire, you are not a vibrational match to what you want to manifest.

On the other hand, if someone is looking at her vision board and feeling the abundance and wellness and freedom, as examples, then that’s being in receiving mode for the goals, shiny pennies, and experiences reflected on her vision board.

The distinction I’m making about the very same activity of looking at a vision board is whether you are repeatedly asking for what you want or whether you are experiencing the emotions of what you want as if you have already received.

Big difference, right?

Now, the question I was asked used the specific example of a vision board and so that’s what I’ve been talking about. But a vision board is simply one of many LoA tools and techniques. The bigger point, here, regardless of which tool or technique you are using, is whether you are stuck in Step 1 and repeating your order, your request to the Universe.

Remember, Step 1 is Ask.

Are you stuck in Step 1 because you are repeating your request to the Universe?

Think about the reason you don’t want to do this. When you keep asking, asking, asking for what you want, you stay in Step 1. Trust me, the Universe doesn’t need or respond to the repetition.

Once you’ve asked—and you only need to ask once—Step 1 is done. If you will let it be done.

Here’s the bottom line: Repeatedly asking for what you want isn’t doing anything except keeping you stuck in Step 1. When all you ever do is ask over and over for the same thing, then you cannot progress to the other two critical steps for manifesting.

When you stay stuck in Step 1, you never get to Steps 2 and 3.

Now, Step 2, Believe, is actually not even your work to do. It’s the work of the Universe, of Source Energy. That’s why Step 2 is also called It Is Given.

You asked in Step 1 and it is given in Step 2. So Step 2 is not your work to do, but you can get in the way of this step with your doubt and lack of belief.

I think it’s this lack of belief that often sends us back to Step 1, to ask again…and again.

Sometimes I’ll have a client who is repeating her order to the Universe who initially says she does not have a lack of belief. But there is a lack of belief when you feel the need to keep asking over and over for the same thing.

Because if you believe that what you want has been vibrationally created and is just waiting for you to be a vibrational match to it, then you wouldn’t feel the need to keep asking. You would move through Step 2, Believe, and onto Step 3, Receive.

But too many of us are caught in a Step 1-Step 2 loop. We ask, we doubt and don’t really believe, so we ask again.

Here’s what I’ve noticed: Repeating your request to the Universe often indicates you have some work to do with Step 2. Which is interesting, right, because this Step is really not your work to do. It’s the job of Source Energy, of the Universe. But, again, you can be getting in the way with your doubt and disbelief.

That is what I mean by you might have work to do in Step 2. Is doubt and disbelief causing you to keep asking?

“You are perceptual beings with different vantage points and it does not matter how much information is given—you cannot see beyond the vibrational limits of where you are standing. You cannot live or see or experience outside of your own individual beliefs.” —Abraham

Here’s the bottom line: You cannot create anything your beliefs don’t support.

If you do not believe that what you want is possible—for whatever reason: You’re not worthy, you’re not enough of this or that, you don’t believe what you want has been vibrationally created, you don’t believe you are capable of aligning with the vibration of what you want before it manifests…

If you don’t believe in the possibility, the inevitability, of your manifestation, then I’m going to say you are absolutely correct: What you want will not manifest.

Beliefs are always the only problem.

If you have underlying beliefs—or perhaps very overt beliefs—that don’t support what you want to manifest, then there is your opportunity. That is the work you want to do.

Whether you do it on your own or you coach with me, it is more than time to start believing in a way that supports the life you want to create. It is time to let go of beliefs that don’t serve you and create beliefs that do.

Always, always remember: A belief is simply a practiced thought. Nothing more. A belief is simply a thought you have gotten really good at thinking.

Do your beliefs match your desires?

Your desires will never become reality if you don’t practice thoughts into beliefs that match up with the reality you want to create.

Let’s go back for a moment to that vision board.

When you create your vision board, you are probably having many Step 1 moments. The contrast of life has caused you to ask. To ask for the satisfying relationship, the fulfilling job, the fun travel, the ease and abundance and wellness.

So your vision board reflects all that asking. And that is fantastic. Getting clarity about what you want is a beautiful thing.

But please know the moment you ask, whether you created a vision board or not, the moment you ask, it is vibrationally done. Steps 1 and 2 are complete.

All you need to do is be in the receiving mode for what you want. That’s Step 3. Allow what you want into your existence.

You don’t allow what you want by repeatedly asking.

Hear this loud and clear: Repeatedly asking for what you want is not being in the receptive mode.

You allow what you want by feeling now how you’ll feel then—when what you want manifests, which is always some flavor of feeling good.

The takeaway here is simple: To shine a light on whether you have been repeating your request to the Universe.

I think there’s huge value in simply becoming aware if this rings true for you.

So what about it: Have you been repeating your order to the Universe? Did you think you needed to repeatedly ask in order to get what you want?

Rest assured, you don’t.

If you have been asking, asking, asking for the same thing, it’s very likely you are stuck in Step 1 and/or Step 2 of manifesting.

Obviously, you want to get off Steps 1 and 2, and get to Step 3 so that your manifestation can take form.

Let me wrap up by returning to the question I opened this episode with. If you recall, the question included an Amazon analogy.

When you order something from Amazon, you don’t keep placing the same order over and over again, right? You don’t think you need to repeat your order to get what you want.

When you order something from Amazon, you also don’t sit around worrying it won’t come. You don’t walk around saying, I don’t think it’s going to arrive. I’m really afraid it won’t come. I’m not sure I even deserve what I ordered.

Those Amazon examples equate to Steps 1 and 2 of manifesting. You ask for what you want and you expect the arrival of your order.

  • Asking is easy. You’re doing it all the time. So ask and move on.
  • Believing can be easy, too. Just clean up any beliefs that don’t support what you want.

Which only leaves Step 3, Receive.

So if we continue with the Amazon analogy, Step 3, Receive, looks like this: When you place your order with Amazon, you give them an address so they can deliver what you ordered.

If you never go to that address, how can you ever expect to find your package? To receive what you ordered? To get what you want?

Bear with me here because I like this analogy. Your desire has a vibration. And when the vibration you offer matches, then what you want will manifest.

But too often those vibrations never match up.

  • You’ll feel empowered when you get the promotion, but disempowered is the vibration you are offering, and so there’s no match.
  • You’ll feel good when you get the relationship, but you don’t feel good now, so there’s no match.

You have to get to the vibration, the address, so to speak, of your desire.

Ask for what you want. Believe it is given. And align with the vibration of your desire.

Many of us are getting bogged down in Steps 1 and 2 of manifesting and never reaping the real rewards of aligning with the vibration of our desires.

I invite you to receive. Receive everything you want. Receive all those things you’ve asked for. Receive.

“Source Energy is intimately, infinitely, always responding to your requests, no matter how great or small they may be deemed by you or anyone else who is observing them. There is nothing so big that Source Energy can’t get its thoughts around it—and there is nothing so small that Source Energy isn’t willing to get its thoughts around it.” —Abraham