It’s time to get free of overwhelm and live what matters most.


Energy is the real currency.
It’s time to stop wasting yours.

Do you wake up dreading what’s on your calendar? Can’t walk into a room without seeing a To Do list? Always running a little behind, never really feeling your best?

Feeling overwhelmed is not “just the way it is.” It’s a big red flag.

GainControl is a 7-step system to free you from the friction and energy drain of an overwhelmed life.

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What Matters Most 365:
Life By Design®

Make the coming 365 days your best yet.

Life is short and this–right now—is not a dress rehearsal.

You know that’s true. But are you actually living that way?

Rather than life unfolding by default, What Matters Most 365: Life By Design® helps you actively and intentionally design—and live—your best life.

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