Abundance & Well-Being: appreciation

We are always asking for more.

The issue is, sometimes we don’t really want more of what we’re asking for.

Here’s what I mean: Every time you talk about something, you are asking for more. Every time you pay attention to something, you are asking for more. Every time you focus on something, you are asking for more.

  • When you talk about how your spouse never does anything around the house, you are asking for more.
  • When you pay attention to your mother-in-law’s behavior, you are asking for more.
  • When you focus on the slow service at the store, you are asking for more.

You see the issue, right? None of that is what you are wanting.

You are not wanting the spouse who doesn’t contribute. You are not wanting the in-law who criticizes. You are not wanting poor service. And yet that is what you are asking for more of with your attention.

So, what to do instead?

Pay attention to what you like. Talk about what you want. Focus on what pleases you.

“Every time you praise something, every time you appreciate something, every time you feel good about something, you are telling the Universe, ‘More of this, please. More of this, please.’ You need never again make another verbal statement of this intent, and if you were allowing your cork to float — all good things would flow to you.” —Abraham

We often lose sight of the simple truth of this.

When you praise and appreciate and feel good, your vibration reflects praise, appreciation, and feeling good.

The Universe then responds accordingly. As in, the Universe responds by delivering to you circumstances and conditions, people and events, situations and things of a vibrational match to your praise and appreciation.

That, of course, is exactly what you want!

Think of it this way: On one end of the vibrational continuum is praise and appreciate. And the other end—way on the other end—is criticize and condemn, find fault and complain.

When I’m criticizing myself or finding fault with how you are living, I’m on the low vibe end. When I’m condemning this and complaining about that, I’m offering a vibration the Universe can only respond to with more circumstances and conditions that will give me an opportunity to criticize and condemn and complain.

That, of course, is the exact opposite of what any of us wants!

“In my appreciation, I allow myself to receive wonderful things.” —Abraham

Your appreciation equals allowing.

Appreciation, because it is such a high vibration, is an absolute state of allowing. When you appreciate, you allow the flow of what is wanted into your physical life experience.

I’ve found it helpful to think of appreciation as something you can do in two ways. And hopefully you will do both.

Here are the two ways: You can appreciate what you already have and you can appreciate in advance of what want.

“Appreciate everything you have. If all you did was just look for things to appreciate you would live a joyous, spectacular life. If there was nothing else that you ever came to understand other than just look for things to appreciate, it’s the only tool you would ever need to predominantly hook you up with who you really are. That’s all you’d need.” —Abraham

Appreciate what you have already manifested. Look for things in your current reality to appreciate.

You can take a look around right now and simply look for things to appreciate.

Are you familiar with what’s called a Rampage of Appreciation?

You can do a Rampage of Appreciation in your head or you can write your thoughts on paper. Either way will work. Just look around your immediate surroundings and notice something you like—something that pleases you. Then hold your attention on whatever that pleasing thing is.

By doing this, you’ll notice an improved feeling. By appreciating something, you’ll actually appreciate how good it feels. Then look around and notice something else that pleases you. And your improved feeling will continue to expand.

So that’s one type of appreciation you can tap into: Appreciate everything you have.

The other type of appreciation is appreciation in advance of your manifestation.

For instance, perhaps you’re wanting to buy the new house. Are you appreciating your new house even before it manifests into your physical reality?

“Appreciation in advance brings everything you want to you.” —Abraham

When you appreciate in advance of what you want, you are in full-on receiving mode. Consider the difference: If you wait to feel appreciation until you get what you want, it’s likely there’s a vibrational gap between where you now stand and how you’ll feel when what you want manifests.

Appreciation in advance closes that vibrational gap. Which is definitely what you want because closing that vibrational gap allows your desire to manifest.

Are you appreciating your desire in advance? Are you fully anticipating what you want and enjoying the feeling of positive expectation?

I love appreciating what I want before it manifests.

Here’s an example: Lately I’ve been having so much fun learning about metalsmithing and making jewelry. Who knew cutting sheet metal and hammering wire could be so high vibe!

Well, because I’m at the very beginning of whatever this metal smithing journey is, I’m trying things that work and I’m trying things that don’t work.

Here’s where appreciation comes in. I’m appreciating where I am on this creative journey and I am so appreciating in advance my desire to create certain pieces.

Abraham says this about appreciation: “How is it possible that the easiest thing for me to do is also the most effective thing for me to do?” 

What a great reminder!

Because appreciation truly is easy. You don’t have to be a special unicorn to appreciate. And your life doesn’t have to be “perfect” before you feel appreciation.

No matter who you are. No matter what is going on in your life. No matter where you stand right now in relation to your desires. There is always, always something to appreciate.

  • When you appreciate, you are telling the Universe, ‘More of this please.’
  • When you complain, you are telling the Universe, ‘More of this please.’
  • When you feel good, you are telling the Universe, ‘More of this please.’
  • When you blame or feel guilty, when you worry or are discouraged, you are telling the Universe, ‘More of this please.’

What have you been asking for more of?

It’s easy to know. Just notice what you are paying attention to. Notice what you are talking about. Notice what you are focused on.

Are you focused on what you want more of? Or have you actually been focused on what you do not want?

“The more you say ‘thank you’, the more you turn downstream because you never say thank you to something that you’re not feeling good about.” —Abraham

That’s so true, right!? You don’t say ‘thank you’ to the overdue bill because you don’t feel good about it. You don’t say ‘thank you’ to your long commute because it causes you to feel low vibe.

Rather than head upstream with all the things you don’t feel good about, turn downstream. Where can you focus a thank you?

“All day, every day, count your blessings. All day, every day, make your lists of things you appreciate. And as you keep activating what is working in your life, then more pleasing things on all subjects will flow to you.” —Abraham

That, of course, is what you are wanting.

You are wanting more pleasing things to flow to you. More pleasing things when it comes to abundance and health. More pleasing things when it comes to relationships and your job. More pleasing things when it comes to your life experience.

  • Count your blessing.
  • Make lists of things you appreciate.
  • Say thank you.

“The Universe provides abundantly when you’re in a state of gratefulness.” —Wayne Dyer