Law of Attraction: tools and techniques

There are so many fantastic tools and techniques you can use to leverage Law of Attraction.

  • There are tools you can put in your LoA toolkit to release resistance and raise your vibration.
  • There are techniques you can use to improve your point of attraction and make manifesting easier.

But here’s what I’m noticing. Sometimes we can get hung up on the right way to use a particular LoA tool and end up creating friction in our vibration. We can get lost in the tools and techniques of LoA and lose touch with the real reason we’re using them in the first place—which is to feel good.

Let me give you a few examples.

The other day a client was so excited about the idea of doing a vision board using Pinterest.

Her idea was to create a private Pinterest board and pin things to represent what she wants to manifest. As she described what she had in mind, it was clear this was inspired action. Sounds great, right?

But then she started to worry that wasn’t the right way to do a vision board. She’d listened to my podcast episode about creating a vision portfolio, so she knew about that way as well as a more traditional route of using a bulletin board or poster board and cutting out pictures from magazines.

My client had this inspired idea to do her vision board via Pinterest, but then started to worry it wasn’t the right way. She very nearly talked herself out of the truly inspired idea and action to conform to a more established technique. But the bottom line was this: The more established technique didn’t feel that high vibe to her.

That’s an example of getting lost in the tools and techniques of LoA.

Your own intuition will always offer you the highest vibe, best direction.

Wiser than any advice I can offer and even better and wiser than Abraham. Because it is your intuition. It your own inner wisdom and guidance.

Law of Attraction teaches us to tap into our own Emotional Guidance System. To actually pay attention to how we feel. And to go in the direction of what feels good.

My client was feeling so good about the idea of doing her vision board on Pinterest. It sounded fun to her and incredibly high vibe! But then she started to talk herself out of it and into doing a vision board the “right” way, which didn’t feel as good to her.

I mean it didn’t feel terrible, but the thought of doing a traditional, physical vision board didn’t light her up like the thought of doing one on Pinterest. Which means she was getting valuable guidance from her own Inner Being directing her.

That’s such a simple example. And you might even be thinking, Well, of course, she should just do her vision board the way she wants on Pinterest. I would just do it the way I wanted. The way that feels good.

But not so fast.

Where are you getting lost in the tools and techniques of LoA?

Maybe a vision board on Pinterest or otherwise is not your thing. But where are you ignoring your own intuition and what feels good because you’re overly focused on LoA practices you’ve heard about?

I’ve had clients who were so frustrated by trying to follow the recommended way to do a Creative Workshop. Or who felt friction when scripting, but just kept trying because they thought they needed to script to get LoA to work for them.

Now, it could be a simple adjustment to how you are scripting or how you are doing a Focus Wheel will shift a technique from not working to working, from friction to flow. So I’m for giving all kinds of tools and techniques a try. And even from getting some outside guidance if you feel so inclined.

But I don’t think you have to use certain tools or techniques in order to fully leverage Law of Attraction.

In fact, sometimes focusing on the tools and techniques can be a distraction.

The bottom line of Law of Attraction: Like attracts like. You attract what you are in vibrational harmony with. Whatever you are giving—by way of your vibrational offering—you are receiving.

Well, most LoA tools and techniques, if not all, are simply to help you improve your vibrational offering. To release resistance, to stop going upstream, to get in alignment, and to improve your point of attraction.

So if a tool or technique doesn’t feel good, doesn’t help you feel better, then perhaps you’re just introducing unnecessary friction in your vibration by efforting your way to use it.

Let me give you another example of getting lost in the tools and techniques of LoA.

This has to do with the book Ask and It Is Given, which is one of my all-time favorite Abraham books.

If you’re not familiar, the book includes 22 processes for helping you improve your point of attraction, depending on where you currently are on the emotional scale. And that’s the really cool part.

For instance, when you’re high on the emotional scale, a Rampage of Appreciation is a process you could use to further elevate your point of attraction. But if you are feeling frustration, irritation, or impatience, you might try the process called the Book of Positive Aspects. And so on….

So there are processes for scripting and pivoting, processes for clearing clutter for clarity and for releasing resistance to become free of debt, there’s the Focus Wheel Process and the Place Mat Process…

And they are all wonderful. And they can all work to help you improve your point of attraction.

But here’s what can happen.

You can make yourself a little bit crazy using all these processes and forgetting the overall, big picture point: To feel better, to feel good.

Because that’s what improving your point of attraction is really all about.

It’s not about seeing how many tools you can use in a week. Or shoulding yourself about using certain techniques.

Again, I’m a huge fan of Ask and It Is Given. I love doing LoA experiments, so I think at some point over the past couple years, I’ve tried each and every one of those 22 processes. That experimentation has felt very high vibe to me. Maybe it does for you too, but maybe it doesn’t. And that is absolutely OK.

The real value of the book, I believe, is it highlights you can move up the emotional scale no matter where you are on it. No matter how you are feeling in this moment, you can move up.

  • If you are down at the bottom, vibrating at fear or powerlessness, you can move up.
  • If you are somewhere in the middle of the emotional scale, vibrating at pessimism, you can move up.
  • If you are already high on the emotional scale, feeling enthusiasm and eagerness, you can amplify and expand that feel-good state.

Knowing and embracing you can move up the emotional scale no matter how you are currently feeling is golden. It’s just such a critical life and LoA skill. And that’s really the message of Ask and It Is Given.

I’ll share one last example of getting lost in the tools and techniques of LoA. This is a personal example from my life.

When I rediscovered Law of Attraction, I did a Creative Workshop every morning as part of my alignment practice.

And I absolutely loved it!

When I woke up in the morning and was getting out of bed, I couldn’t wait to get started with my Creative Workshop. It was just the most high vibe thing. It felt fabulous! That went on for a few months—that amazing feeling from doing a Creative Workshop. It got me in alignment every time.

If you had asked me then whether I would always do one, I would have said, Heck yes! It’s such an amazing feel-good practice for getting in alignment. I love it! Of course, I’ll always do one.

But then, you probably know what’s coming, that Creative Workshop stopped getting me in alignment. At some point it became a routine, but I wasn’t getting the feeling response to it I had in the beginning.

In fact, trying to do a Creative Workshop when it did not feel high vibe started to feel like friction to me.

At first I was so confused by this. What had changed?

Why wasn’t it still working? Why can’t I just keep doing what I was doing that was working? Why can’t I just figure out an alignment routine and stick with it?

That all makes me smile now, but it sure didn’t at the time. I felt as if I was losing all my LoA mojo. I felt disappointed. I was frustrated what I had been doing that felt so great didn’t feel great anymore.

That’s another way we can get lost in the tools and techniques—by being disciplined about a routine regardless of how it feels.

LoA is responding to how you feel.

And so it’s very important to pay attention to your Emotional Guidance System. To actually pay attention to how you feel and prioritize feeling good. Feeling good is always going to be the way forward.

That means at some point a routine where you simply do the same thing each new day that you did yesterday is likely not going to work. Because a routine you stick with, no matter what, is not in tune with your Emotional Guidance System.

I learned such an important lesson a few months into my LoA practice when my Creative Workshop stopped working.

  • I learned what gets me in alignment will change—and that’s OK.
  • I learned to pay attention to how I feel and to be willing to flex and go in the direction of what feels good today, in this present moment, in this present version of me.
  • I learned not to just stick with what worked in the past because it worked in the past.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a Creative Workshop.

In fact, I still do them—when it feels good. So not as part of a routine, but as a possible tool in my toolkit. Not as a prescription I’ve given myself for life, but when it feels like the fun and inspired action to take.

One of the things I learned from that experience is to trust myself—to trust in the moment I will know how to get in alignment.

The old me was trying to be disciplined about a routine because I really didn’t trust myself. I didn’t trust in the present moment I would have a knowing about what would get me in alignment. I didn’t really fully trust I could be guided by my feelings, specifically by what feels good.

I notice this same lack of trust with many of my clients. Maybe it resonates with you too.

  • Do you trust in the present moment you can tap into what feels good?
  • Do you trust feeling good is the way forward?

One last lesson from my experience with the Creative Workshop that stopped working: The tools and techniques, as fabulous as they are, are not the point. The point is to feel good. The point is to feel elevated emotions that feel good and attract into your life what you want.

So any LoA tool or technique is just the means to that end—to feeling good!

I have clients who worry they should be practicing visualization or should be meditating or should be using Law of Attraction card decks or should be scripting.

Sure, all those are possible means to release resistance and feel better, to feel good. But you don’t have to do any of them. And you certainly don’t have to do all of them.

The tools and techniques are simply a means to the end: To feel good.

My hope is to offer you relief if you’ve been getting lost in the tools and techniques of Law of Attraction.

So here’s what I encourage:

  • Listen to your intuition about which LoA tools and techniques are right for you.
  • Don’t use tools and techniques that don’t feel good because that misses the bigger picture point of using them in the first place.
  • Don’t should yourself about using a certain tool or technique and don’t make yourself crazy trying to use too many at once.
  • Make getting in alignment your routine, but don’t make a routine out of how you get in alignment. And remember, getting in alignment is simply about feeling good.
  • Last but not least: Trust that feeling good is the way forward, so make feeling good your #1 priority. And trust your built-in Emotional Guidance System will absolutely help you feel your way forward.

“We would like to leave you with this very clear knowing that we hold: You are just a few laughs away from letting a whole lot of good stuff in. You are just a few kisses away from letting a whole lot of good stuff in. You are just a little bit of relief away from letting a whole lot of good stuff in.” —Abraham