Love, Joy & High-Vibe Living: unexpected good

I love birthdays.

I also love anything I can do proactively to reduce potential stress. Like when I look at the calendar, see someone’s special day is right around the corner, and realize I don’t have a card to send.

So I recently ordered several birthday cards from Papyrus to have on hand. Last minute trip to the store eliminated, stress reduced.

The online ordering experience was fine and I marked the task off my To Do list.

And then the cards arrived and I had a moment of unexpected good.

The cards are beautiful, as I expected. They came individually wrapped, as I expected.

But it was that ribbon tied around them that made me stop for a moment.

Yes, it was functional and kept the stack of cards together. But it was also beautiful and unexpected. It wasn’t my birthday, but it was like I was getting a present.

Such a simple gesture, but with a surprising impact.

That little dose of unexpected good had me smiling all afternoon. It made me linger a little longer to enjoy the other beautiful things that crossed my path that day. It created an experience and a connection.

Untying that ribbon made me feel warm and fuzzy…and the experience has me wondering about my own dispensing of unexpected good. And it has me wondering about yours.

When’s the last time you added a little unexpected good into something?

Maybe into a project for a client or a conversation with your spouse? Into that monthly committee meeting you usually dread or a get-together with a friend?

How will you add in some unexpected good today?