Intuition & Inner Knowing: right decision
Do you constantly second guess yourself? Do you frequently question whether you made the right decision? Are you always wondering if you should have chosen differently?

I have a friend who does this regarding nearly every decision she makes, big or small.

  • She orders a Greek salad and then wonders if she should have gone with the black bean burger.
  • She buys a new iPhone and wonders if she should have gotten a Samsung Galaxy.
  • She signs up for Spin classes and wonders if Pilates would have been better.
  • She makes a cross country move and then wonders if she should have stayed put.

While a lunch order and phone purchase are not earth shattering or life changing decisions, all this second guessing creates an atmosphere of distrust and dissatisfaction.

She can’t count on or be content with her decision-making. There’s this constant sense that a better choice was out there…and she didn’t make it.

Do you do this to yourself?

Do you turn yourself inside out questioning your judgment?

Don’t get me wrong: Gathering information, outlining the pros and cons, and weighing your options before you make a decision can be beneficial. If a decision isn’t guided by your intuition, comparing the pros and cons can help you make the best choice.

But it’s another thing to persistently filter the wide world of choices through the mindset that there was a better option—and you didn’t choose it.

Making the right decision

Trust your gut or carefully weigh your options. Either way, make a decision and stop.

Stop second guessing. Stop kicking the tires. Stop wasting time wondering about the choice you didn’t make, the option you didn’t take. Most of all, stop eroding confidence in your ability to decide.

Will you stop second guessing and start trusting yourself?