Problems vs. Solutions: organize and manage

We have too many things and situations in our lives we’re trying to organize and manage.

  • Our closets overflow with clutter and we think, If only I could get organized.
  • Our calendars spill over with commitments and we think, If only I could manage my time more effectively.
  • Our lives are filled with tension and worry and we think, If only I could manage my stress better.

We’re on a wild goose chase of trying to manage things in our lives that shouldn’t be there in the first place.

Stuff we no longer use. Obligations we never should have said yes to. Worry about things outside our control.

Organizing and managing are not the answer.

  • The answer is not organizing your clutter, it’s getting rid of it.
  • The answer is not managing your time better; it’s doing less overall and more of only what matters.
  • The answer is not learning a new stress management technique; it’s eliminating energy-draining situations from your life.

It’s time to stop putting a band-aid on symptoms and get down to root causes.

What are the true causes of the conditions in your life? How can you improve the conditions in your life by being relentless in dealing with causes?