Love, Joy & High-Vibe Living: never noticed Spring

I’ve never noticed Spring as much as this year. Or at least I haven’t noticed it this much in a decade.

Want to know why?

Because I had my nose to a (largely self-imposed) grindstone and was working all the time. And when I wasn’t working, I was too bleary-eyed from overwork to notice much that was going on around me.

Nature probably being the least of what I missed out on.

This is the third Spring living in our current house, but this is the first year I noticed the tree in the backyard blooms in white before it turns green.

How exactly did I miss that?

It’s a very big tree. And it’s very white. It boggles the mind that something so beautiful—and so apparent—could have been so easily missed…

And are there more birds this year or am I just now noticing them too?

For those who don’t know, I co-founded a start-up back in 2000. That “simple” act of starting a business set wheels in motion that only recently ground to a thankful halt. Here I am, one acquisition and nearly ten years of said business later, and Spring feels eternal.

There’s a new world order in my little piece of the world.

I’m grateful to be “awake” now to see what’s around me. To live a life beyond only making a living.

I feel like Spring is taking place in nature and changing me in the process. I can’t wait to see what blooms and grows from here.

Anyone else out there seeing with new eyes? I’d love to hear what your Spring looks like.