Love, Joy & High-Vibe Living: send snail mail
I practically squeal with delight when I open the mailbox to find a handwritten card or note.

Do you feel that way too when you discover a little gem among the junk mail and bills?

  • Does receiving a handwritten note make you feel special and considered?
  • Does a card someone took the time to select, hand write, and stamp feel like love?

I pause when opening the envelope. I like to think I can almost feel the perfectly beautiful pause from daily life of the person who took the time to write it.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like receiving a personal card or note. But I know plenty of people who have the best intentions to take the time to send one, but don’t.

Is that you?

Here’s your mini mission

Buy some stationery and stamps, get your address book in order, block out a weekly time on your calendar, and … pause.

Then write. Just to say hello. From the heart.

I can almost guarantee there will be a squeal of delight on the receiving end.