Start, Stop & Change: appointment

You know you’ve been putting it off—moving the reminder forward on your calendar or To Do list.

Whether it’s a doctor appointment for your annual physical, a meeting with your lawyer about drafting a living will, a cleaning at the dentist, a consultation with a contractor about your kitchen remodel…

Whatever particular form yours takes, that unscheduled appointment nags at the back of your mind. Left undone, it weighs you down.

I can’t keep up with my life. I should have scheduled that appointment long ago.

Here’s your mini mission 

Clarify the very next step required to ultimately schedule the appointment. Then take that step.

Perhaps the next step is simply looking up your lawyer’s number and calling to set up a meeting. Then your mission is to pick up the phone and make that call.

But maybe it’s more complicated than that.

Perhaps you need to sit down with your spouse to agree on a budget before consulting with a contractor about the remodel. Or maybe you need to go online and select a primary care physician before you can schedule a physical.

You’re ultimate goal is to schedule that appointment you’ve been putting off. Your immediate goal is to take the very next step to make that possible.

Will you accept this mini mission? What will you do today to get that appointment scheduled?