Appreciation & Mindset: mindset

It’s easy to get so busy—so caught up in doing—that you go on autopilot and develop a mindset that becomes more about merely getting through the day.

When you do things without thinking, it’s easy to develop ways of thinking that don’t serve you.

To get off autopilot you need to pause long enough to identify your default mindset. It’s only by recognizing and evaluating your mindsets that you can intentionally choose ones that will allow you to be your best self and live your best life.

Once you’ve identified the mindset you’re operating from, be curious about it.

Be willing to explore how your mindset is getting you where you want to go. How it’s helping you act the way you want to act. And feel the way you want to feel.

Or how it’s working against you in all those things.

Once you’ve identified a particular mindset operating in your life, ask yourself: Does this serve me?

These four questions will help you dig deeper:

  • Does this mindset give me energy?
  • Does it offer me serenity?
  • Does this mindset create openings and opportunity?
  • Does it allow me to fully show up in the world?

There’s nothing magical about these four questions, so if you come up with your own, that’s fine too.

The point is to be curious about your default mindsets and be aware of how they are working or not working in your life.

If you continue to interpret your world through the lens of this mindset, what’s possible? What’s not possible? Does this mindset allow you to be the person you want to be?