What-is & Wanted vs. Unwanted: justifying

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Today we’re going to talk about a manifesting block that happens when you justify what you want. To access this episode, join LYL Premium.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn…

  • Why I think of contrast as a springboard
  • What slipping back into contrast looks like and why it’s bad for manifesting
  • How what you’re focused on is either energizing or depleting
  • Why you never need to justify what you want
  • An important question about the time gap between steps 1 and 2 of manifesting
  • How you could be unwittingly reinforcing the vibration of what you don’t want
  • Your invitation in the form form a Do and a Don’t


“The reason that you are not always aware that your desires have been answered is because there is often a time gap between your asking (Step 1) and your allowing (Step 3). Even though a clear desire has emanated from you as a result of the contrast you have considered, you often, rather than giving your attention purely to the desire itself, focus back to the contrasting situation that gave birth to the desire. And in doing so, your vibration is more about the reason you have launched the desire than it is about the desire itself.” —Abraham


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