Problems vs. Solutions: contrast

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Today we’re going to talk about a misunderstanding many of us have about contrast—and a more beneficial way to look at this natural and inevitable part of life.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn…

  • Why it’s a mistake to think of contrast as only the unwanted parts of your life experience
  • How thinking about contrast like a buffet can help you stop pushing against what you don’t like
  • An idea that can help soften your experience of contrast
  • Why the pre-LoA me that equated contrast with something going wrong
  • Five takeaways about what contrast is and is not


“You never know more clearly what it is that you do want than when you are living what you do not want.” —Abraham

“What if the contrast that you think you don’t want, is not something unwanted, you’re not being tested by it, it’s a piece of information, a piece of experience in order to help you formulate with greater clarity what you are wanting.” —Abraham

“When you understand the value of contrast, then you don’t leave your Inner Being who always understands the value of contrast. So then contrast doesn’t feel like negative emotion, it doesn’t feel like defeat—it feels like opportunity. It doesn’t feel like confusion, it feels like clarity. It doesn’t feel like something’s gone wrong, it feels like everything is going right.” —Abraham

“Seeing contrast, but choosing not to vibrate with it, is what keeps us wanting, active, interested and vital in this world.” —Abraham

“In order for life to expand, there must be contrast. That’s what you came for. Plus, how do you know what you want without knowing what you don’t want? As you’re exploring contrast, know that you’re not doing something wrong by being in contrast. Instead, look at it from the vantage point that: ‘It’s not wrong to have a problem, it’s the path to the solution.’” —Abraham

“It is only from exposure to contrast that any preferences or desires can be born. Contrast produces desire.” —Abraham


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