How to feel better: emotional scale

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Today we’re going to talk about how to use the emotional scale and reach for better-feeling thoughts. To access this episode, join LYL Premium.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn…

  • How the Law of Attraction acts as a mirror, an echo, a boomerang, and a copying machine
  • Two essential Law of Attraction skills for feeling better in your NOW—and attracting more of what you want into your life
  • How we’ve all become too willing to hang out on the lower end of the emotional scale thinking thoughts that don’t feel good
  • What the whack-a-mole game at the county fair has to do with waiting for circumstances to line up just the way you want
  • Why you have to be willing to experiment to see if your thoughts bring relief
  • The thing your spouse, kids, and best friend can’t do for you
  • When anger could, indeed, be a fantastic option for relief and the downside of assuming we know how others should be feeling
  • The superpower you can have that will have you saying, Oh my, look what I can do! So THIS is how life works!


“Don’t make it hard. Pay attention to the way you feel. Reach for the best feeling thought you can find from wherever you are, and off you go in the direction of all things that you want!” —Abraham


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