Gunk of Low-Energy Living: margin

Living without margin means… 

Back-to-back appointments. Errands stacked like dominoes, one after the other. Deadlines with no time to spare. Everything blurred together in an endless, task-driven loop. Getting through this so you can go on to that. No wiggle room. No breathing room.

A life with margin means…

  • a ridiculously doable To Do list
  • sensible expectations unclouded by perfectionism
  • a deliberate cushion of unscheduled time between appointments
  • saying no frequently so you can say yes deeply
  • eating when you’re hungry and resting when you’re tired
  • distinguishing self-care from being selfish
  • beautiful, bountiful blocks of unplanned time
  • simplifying your home, your possessions, your overhead
  • renegotiating boundaries that leave you harried and hurried
  • space and silence and spontaneity
  • giving up martyrdom because suffering really is optional

What change will you make today to live with more margin?