Intuition & Inner Knowing: intuition

A recent trip to Mackinac Island has me thinking about lighthouses—those wonderfully picturesque structures that warn of danger from a location sailors could see from a safe distance and serve as a guide into harbors.

Interesting—that dual purpose to both warn and guide. To announce danger and light the way to safety.

Not unlike a lighthouse, we have a similar internal warning and guiding system—the often small voice that speaks our intuition, the gut feeling that reflects our inner wisdom.

Intuition warns…

It warns us when we make choices that are not aligned with our values and vision.

It cautions us when we set goals but fail to act on them. It nags at us when we sleepwalk through our days rather than feel inspired and motivated as a result of purpose and passion.

Intuition guides…

At the same time, our lighthouse is there to guide us into the harbor of our best life if we pay attention and follow where it leads.

If we take the time and do the footwork required to uncover our strengths, passion, and purpose. In short, if we are courageous enough to truly live a life guided by our soul’s vision and bring our unique contribution to the world.

Keep your light burning bright

In the past, every lighthouse had a keeper whose responsibility it was to keep the light of the beacon burning bright. It’s critical we keep our light burning bright as well by:

  • prioritizing self-care
  • clearing away the clutter of the past
  • making conscious choices
  • practicing gratitude
  • reinventing ourselves as necessary to shed what no longer fits
  • living an authentic life

My challenge to you is to honor the lighthouse within— keep an eye on the horizon, take heed of the warning signs, and head toward the safe harbor of your best life.