Gunk of Low-Energy Living: impatience doubt unworthiness

There is something you want.

Some goal you want to achieve. Some shiny penny you want to acquire. Some experience you want to have.

I know there is something you want to manifest. In fact, probably many somethings.

Part of this amazing life experience is we have desires. We want to achieve certain goals and acquire certain things. We want to have certain experiences.

And it’s all good. Because your desires are meant for you.

The contrast of life is always clarifying preferences and bringing what you want into focus. The contrast of your life experience launches those delicious rockets of desire.

I love hearing about what someone wants to manifest—the relationship and career, the freedom and abundance.

I appreciate being around the energy of positive expectation and excitement. When someone is vibrating with possibility and optimism and anticipation about what they want, it’s such high vibe energy to be around.

All too often, though, I notice something alongside someone’s desire, something along for the ride of what someone is wanting to manifest.

What I notice in their vibration is impatience, doubt, or unworthiness.

These emotions—impatience, doubt, unworthiness—are numbers 10, 13, and 21, respectively, on the emotional scale.

Remember, the emotional scale is a list of emotions numbered 1 to 22 with those at the top being high vibrations that attract what you want and then moving down the scale to lower vibrations that actually repel what you want to attract.

Why would someone wanting a promotion at work or wanting to attract a fulfilling romantic relationship or wanting to live a life of abundance, why would they vibrate impatience, doubt, or unworthiness?

If your desires are meant for you, why the negative emotion?

Because there’s the thing:

  • Too many of us, when we desire x,y, or z, are feeling impatience we haven’t yet achieved the goal or acquired the shiny penny.
  • Too many of us, when we desire x, y, or z, are feeling doubt we will ever reach the goal or get the shiny penny.
  • Too many of us, when we desire x, y, or z, feel unworthy in some way of receiving what we want. We aren’t enough of this or we are too much of that.

Of course, impatience, doubt, and unworthiness are not the only low vibe emotions you could be feeling about your desire. But these three emotions are common ones that keep too many of us from being in receiving mode.

And if you are not in receiving mode for what you want, then you won’t receive what you want. It’s really that simple.

“That is the optimal creative vantage point: To stand on the brink of what is coming, feeling eager, optimistic anticipation with no feeling of impatience, doubt, or unworthiness hindering the receiving of it—that is the Science of Deliberate Creation at its best.” —Abraham

When you stand on the brink of what you want and feel eager, optimistic anticipation, those high vibe emotions are fuel for manifesting what you want. Feeling good is the very pathway to manifesting.

But when stand on the brink of what you want and feel impatience, doubt, or unworthiness, you are gunking up your manifestation. You are slowing it down. You’re blocking it.

Let’s take a quick look at each of these separately—impatience, doubt, unworthiness—and shine a light on why this is not the feeling, the vibration, you want to be offering.

So let’s talk about impatience.

“Impatience is not your friend—impatience means that you have a vibration going on that’s in your way. It’s the satisfaction factor that you’re looking for.” —Abraham

Think about what you are wanting. Think about what you have pictured on your vision board. Think about the goals and shiny pennies and experiences you write about in your journal.

If you are impatient—when is it going to happen, why hasn’t it happened yet, why is it taking so long—if you are impatient about your desire, you are offering a vibration that is in the way of what you want manifesting.

Your impatience is actually causing a delay in your manifestation.

“If you feel impatience about something not unfolding fast enough, you’ve got more resistance in the equation than you mean to. Impatience, no matter what the subject, is always an indication to you that your desire is moving, but that your resistance is equal or greater than it.” —Abraham

I know you don’t want to resist the very thing you desire. But that is exactly what impatience is. Impatience is resistance.

Let’s move on to doubt.

I want you to think again about what you want to manifest. Get the picture of what you want clearly in your mind.

Do you doubt you will ever reach the goal or get the shiny penny? Do you doubt the experience you are wanting will ever happen?

Doubt about your desire is really detrimental to manifestation. And that’s because doubt is contradictory energy.

Let’s say you want the new job. When you focus purely on what you want, you feel good—excited, optimistic. But then when you shift into feeling uncertainty about whether you will get the job, you contradict your own desire.

“If you’ve got desire and doubt, your desire cannot be manifested. If you have desire and fear, or desire and anger—no cigar. It must be desire and belief, desire and expectation, desire and love, desire and joy, desire and alignment, desire and allowing, desire and the absence of resistance.” —Abraham

Once again, doubt is a type of resistance to your desire. Just like impatience, doubt is active resistance to what you want.

Doubt is #13 on the emotional scale, so pretty much in the middle. I think that is one of the reasons this emotion is so commonplace. Too many of us have gotten way too accepting of doubting what we want, of doubting ourselves, of doubting others, of doubting the Universe.

“Doubt is the way you feel when you are focused in a way that is contrary to what you want.” —Abraham

You can feel that, right?

If you focus purely on what you want, there is no room for doubt, and you feel good.

But when you shift your thoughts away from that pure focus—often with questions of how and when what you want will manifest—you introduce doubt in your vibration.

Doubt, of course, is self-fulfilling. When you doubt—yourself, others, the Universe—you are offering a vibration. The vibration of doubt. By the Law of Attraction, the circumstances, people, events, situations, and things that show up for you will be of a similar frequency.

And now let’s talk about unworthiness.

Ugh, right? Unworthiness is #21 of 22 on the emotional scale, so we are at the bottom of the low vibrations—repelling the very thing we want.

“The thing that will certainly disconnect you from your Energy Source faster than anything is to criticize yourself, see yourself as inappropriate or unworthy in some way.” —Abraham

Unworthiness in your vibration is yet another type of resistance to what you want.

Know this: Unworthiness is about vibration. Vibration is caused by thoughts. If you will think thoughts that feel different as you think them, you will change your vibration.

If you care about how you feel, if you are sensitive to your vibration, you will choose not to think thoughts that support that feeling of unworthiness. And if you no longer are willing to think thoughts that create the feeling of unworthiness, that energy will shift.

“You are worthy beyond description and you are brilliant beyond description. You are good. You are source. That is your core. And every bit of moving from that is a flawed premise and distortion.” —Abraham

If unworthiness has been in your vibration, it’s time to choose thoughts that allow you to move away from that flawed premise.

Are impatience, doubt, and unworthiness in your vibration?

If you want to create more deliberately and manifest with greater ease, I encourage you to release these negative emotions from your vibration.

Are you feeling impatient about what you want to manifest?

“If you could channel that impatience into appreciation of the idea, so you’re satisfied with where you are just a little bit and eager for what’s coming next, that takes the impatience out of it. And when the impatience is gone then the ideas will begin to flow.” —Abraham

Appreciation for where you now stand and eagerness for what’s coming are ways to take impatience out of your vibration.

Be intentional. Think thoughts of appreciation. Think thoughts of anticipation.

Are you feeling doubt about what you want to manifest?

If you focus purely on what you want, there is no doubt.

“Pure desire has no doubt woven in it. Pure desire is just: I’m a worthy being, life has helped me to know that I want that, and I’m looking forward to watching the natural unfolding of it, because I’ve asked for it and it’s done. That’s pure wanting.” —Abraham

Start noticing when you are focused purely on what you want versus when you are veering off into unwanted.

Pure desire feels good, so that’s how you’ll know. Because it doesn’t feel good to focus on unwanted. Doubt is very much a negative emotion that doesn’t feel good.

Are you feeling unworthy about what you want to manifest?

“It’s not the absence of Source’s love that doesn’t let you have what you want, it’s the absence of your own love—that’s the discord. So rather than saying I’m unworthy, say I’m sloppy in my thinking. Rather than saying I’m unworthy, say I’m willing to feel negative emotion and put up with it.” —Abraham

I love that. Abraham is giving you a new frame of reference.

Don’t think in terms of worthy, unworthy. Don’t ask: Am I worthy? That’s the wrong question, the wrong frame. Instead, ask yourself: Am I being intentional in my thinking or am I being sloppy in my thinking?

If you are tolerating a lot of negative emotion, you are being sloppy in your thinking. The good news, though, is you can always reach for the relief of better feeling thoughts and tune up your vibration so that you not only feel better, but also manifest with greater ease.

Love yourself enough to stop being sloppy in your thinking.