One of the core tenets of Law of Attraction is this: Circumstances are neutral. Circumstances are not good or bad, they are neutral.

It is your thoughts about a circumstance that cause your feelings, whether that be positive emotion or negative emotion.

For instance, not getting the raise is the neutral circumstance. Your thought about not getting the raise causes you to feel angry. Your thought is causing anger, not the neutral circumstance.

Bottom line: Circumstances do not cause your feelings. Instead, your thoughts cause your feelings.

Many of us, though, are not embracing this LoA principle that circumstances are neutral. Instead, we are dividing circumstances into columns of good and bad, and then blaming circumstances for how we feel.

  • This circumstance is good. So I feel good.
  • This circumstance is bad. So I feel bad.

In order to feel good, then, many of us are trying to control circumstances. We are trying to get all the circumstances in our lives and in the world at large to be the way we want them to be so we can feel good.

Of course, it’s a never-ending endeavor, trying to get everything external to be exactly as you want it to be. You’ll go through life constantly trying to control circumstances and conditions in order to feel better, which is exhausting and not effective.

When you attribute how you feel to circumstances rather than your thoughts, you lose your power to be a deliberate creator. At the heart of what’s going on is not embracing the core LoA concept: Circumstances are neutral.

But here’s what I’ve noticed: Even those who practice Law of Attraction sometimes falter in embracing circumstances as neutral.

For instance, it’s not unusual for one of my clients to encounter something in her life where the concept of neutral circumstances becomes a stumbling block. She will point to some situation in her life or in the world and say, This doesn’t feel neutral to me. This is bad or wrong or unjust.

Then what happens is she adds momentum to her negative emotion by arguing that the situation, whatever it is, is most decidedly not neutral.

  • For instance, it might be easy to believe that the circumstance of not getting the park spot is neutral, but an unwelcome medical diagnosis? Neutral? Really?!
  • Perhaps you can buy into an unexpected expense being a neutral circumstance, even though you don’t want it, but your spouse unexpectedly wanting a divorce—is that really neutral? You might say, It sure doesn’t feel like it.

By pushing against the very idea that such an “awful” circumstance could possibly be neutral, I’ve seen clients only add to their negative emotion and then get stuck in it.

That’s where you can go down the rabbit hole of pushing against the neutral concept, arguing some circumstances are inherently good and some are inherently bad, and totally compromise your vibration.

Compromising your vibration can really derail your LoA practice.

You attract circumstances and conditions, people and events, situations and things of a similar vibration to the one you are offering. Which is the reason offering your vibration on purpose is why and how you can be a deliberate creator.

Offering your vibration on purpose is the goal. That is your objective.

Here’s the thing, though. You cannot fully leverage LoA if you are getting stuck pushing against the idea that circumstances are neutral.

So let me ask: Have you been pushing against the idea that circumstances are neutral? Has this pushing against been creating friction in your vibration?

Law of Attraction says circumstances are neutral, and yet you don’t believe this. For some things, maybe. But you have a list of terrible, horrible, no good, very bad things that you would declare are not neutral.

If this sounds familiar, here’s a strategy that can help. It’s worked for me and many of my clients, and can help you be a more deliberate creator.

Instead of trying to buy into the notion that circumstances are neutral and getting stuck or feeling friction, simply acknowledge: The circumstance is the circumstance.

And then ask yourself this question: And now what will I choose to think?

In other words, you can bypass whether the circumstance is neutral and simply choose what to think about it so you can offer your vibration on purpose.

“Think about how you want to feel, rather than thinking about the conditions that you think you need in order to feel that way.” —Abraham

Now, let me say this: If you’ve already been embracing circumstances as neutral, this probably isn’t a game changer.

But if you’ve been feeling friction because of an internal dialogue that a particular circumstance is not neutral, but is, instead, “bad”, then this strategy can really help clean up your vibration.

Don’t get bogged down in whether the circumstance is good or bad or neutral.

Simply choose your next thought. Choose what you want to think about the circumstance. As in, be deliberate in the thoughts you choose to think about the circumstance.

Never lose sight of why this is important: Law of Attraction responds to your vibration, and your vibration is a result of your thoughts.

Here’s an example of this at work. Let’s say the circumstance is your company recently downsized and you lost your job.

That circumstance doesn’t feel neutral to you. It feels bad, unwanted. You would say your job loss most certainly does not feel like a neutral circumstance. Instead, it feels scary and unfair.

OK. Now what are you going to choose to think?

  • Are you going to choose to think worry and fear thoughts—thereby offering the vibration of worry and fear?
  • Are you going to choose to think thoughts of hope and positive expectation—thereby offering the vibration of hope and positive expectation?

Do you want Law of Attraction to respond with conditions and situations and things that are a match to worry and fear or those that are a match to hope and positive expectation?

Easy choice, right? Only the latter is going to lead to anything wanted.

The point is: You can bypass needing to believe circumstances are neutral if that’s been a sticking point in your LoA practice. Depending on world events and what’s going on in our personal lives, it can be tempting to encounter something that you simply do not feel is neutral.

Rather than getting on with the real work, which is to be deliberate with your thoughts, you get bogged down in all the friction that comes with “knowing” you’re supposed to believe the circumstance is neutral, but really not believing its neutral.

Bypass it. The circumstance is the circumstance. And then ask yourself: Now what will I choose to think?

“As you show yourself that you can feel good regardless of the condition, now, in your alignment, the condition must change.” —Abraham

You won’t be able to use Law of Attraction to your advantage so long as your focus is on controlling circumstances rather than realizing the creative power of your thought-feeling combo.

Here’s what’s important: You don’t have to control circumstances. And you don’t even have believe all circumstances are neutral.

You simply need to offer your vibration on purpose. As in, offer a vibration that will allow you to attract what you want. As in, think thoughts that allow you to feel good so that you can attract circumstances and conditions that match.

Going forward, simply acknowledge: The circumstance is the circumstance. And then ask yourself: And now what will I choose to think?

Elevate your LoA practice by offering your vibration on purpose. Regardless of the conditions and circumstances around you, be deliberate in your choice of thought. That is how you become a truly deliberate creator.