Love, Joy & High Vibe Living: expectationsThe UPS guy delivered a package to me yesterday. He rang the doorbell, but I was on a call and only got to the door as he was driving away.

I found not only my package on the doorstep, but also the two empty recycling bins that had been out at the curb that morning for collection.

I was thrilled on two fronts: My package had arrived days earlier than expected. And the UPS guy had gone above and beyond by dragging the recycle bins in from the street.

I was stunned

I kid you not, I stood there on the doorstep looking down at those recycling bins for several seconds.

By doing the unexpected—even though the act itself was relatively small—I was surprised and touched.

The UPS guy didn’t have to do what he did. But he did anyway. And this made me warm and fuzzy for UPS.

How do you exceed expectations?

Remember those UPS ads—What can Brown do for you? Well, Brown had just done it. Brown had exceeded my expectations and delighted me in the process.

This started me thinking about how we meet or exceed our client’s expectations. Or our loved one’s expectations.

Sometimes it’s not the grand gesture (which would be UPS offering me free shipping for a year). Sometimes it’s the small, unexpected gesture (like bringing recycling bins in from the curb) that humanizes the business transaction or transforms the relationship.

My challenge to you is to think about how you’re exceeding expectations—whether in your business or your personal life. What small gesture could wow someone in your life today?