Gunk of Low-Energy Living: going where the energy is

It’s amazing how many people fight their energy instead of going where the energy is.

Some fall into situations that are energy depleting and then are willing to stay trapped. Others encounter great surges of energy, but fight the source if it doesn’t fit with the expected path they thought their life would take.

Going where the energy is

Do you monitor your energy—its ebb and flow? Do you use your energy to navigate your world?

When you go where the energy is, you’re more likely to encounter your bliss, unexpected opportunities, and flow—that near magical state when:

  • you’re fully immersed, energized, and focused on the task at hand;
  • you experience near complete absorption and effortlessness of action; and
  • there is fit, alignment, and harmony.

The absence of flow

On the other hand, when you’re in situations that deplete energy, there is no fit, no absorption, no effortlessness.

Instead, there’s struggle and conflict. There’s the absence of flow, which leaves you feeling disengaged, disconnected, negative, and agitated.

Identify & align

It’s not hard to decide which scenario is the better one. There are two simple steps to going where the energy is:

  1. Identify what gives you energy: What are your top energy sources? On the other hand, what people, places, and things deplete your energy?
  2. Align your life with those energy sources: Where is your life aligned and where is it out of kilter with what gives you energy? What needs to change for you to go where the energy is?

What will you do today to identify and align with what gives you energy?