Abundance & Well-Being: attracting

You might be tempted to answer with whatever it is you’re thinking about. So if you’re thinking about money or a great relationship, you might say that’s what you are attracting.

Well, your thoughts are certainly part of the equation. But your thoughts are not the whole story.

Remember: Your thoughts create your feelings. And we live in a vibrational Universe where like attracts like.

“Because of the Law of Attraction, each of you is like a powerful magnet, attracting unto you more of the way that you feel at any point in time.” —Abraham

So rather than attracting what you are thinking about, you are really attracting more of what you’re feeling.

So let’s say you’re thinking about the raise you are anticipating at work. On this subject, your thoughts could be in two entirely different directions—and therefore creating decidedly different emotions.

For instance, you could be thinking about the anticipated raise and feeling appreciation. You could be feeling empowered about earning money or feeling freedom as you think about the abundance in your life.

Or… you could be feeling desperate to get the raise.

You could be worried about how you will pay your bills if it doesn’t happen, angry it’s taken your company so long to recognize your contribution at work with more money, and disappointed in yourself about financial choices you’ve made in the past.

Notice the distinction between thinking thoughts about the raise that cause you to feel appreciation, empowerment, and freedom versus thoughts that create feelings of desperation, worry, anger, and disappointment.

If you say, but I’m thinking about receiving the raise and so that’s what I’m attracting, that’s only true in the first example—when you are aligned with the vibration of abundance.

In the second instance, even though you are thinking about getting the raise, your thoughts and feelings are attracting something very different than abundance. You are, in fact, attracting circumstances, people, events, situations, and things that match the vibration of the desperation, worry, anger, and disappointment you are feeling.

What you think about and speak about create your feelings. That’s why Abraham says: “Think of yourself as a magnet, constantly attracting what you speak, think, and feel.”

So what are you speaking, thinking, and feeling?

  • If you are speaking about what you don’t like, that’s what you attract.
  • If you are thinking about what you don’t want, that’s what you attract.
  • If you are feeling the lack of what it is you want, that’s what you attract.

When you speak and think about what you don’t like and don’t want or the lack of what you do want, you’re going to feel negative emotion. And that negative emotion will attract circumstances and things of a similar vibration.

That’s why it’s so simple and straightforward to focus on feeling good as the pathway to attracting what you want.

“Always, when you feel good, you are in the place of attracting that which you are wanting.” —Abraham

Quite simply: You attract the essence of what you are thinking and feeling.

Let’s say you want a romantic relationship.

  • What are you thinking about this dream relationship and how are those thoughts making you feel?
  • How are you speaking about this romantic relationship you want? Are you talking about it with positive expectation or are you complaining that it’s never going to happen?

Let’s say you want a new, fulfilling job.

  • What are you thinking about the new job you want and how are those thoughts making you feel?
  • How are you speaking about your desire for a new job? Are you talking about it with enthusiasm and excitement or are you talking about it with worry and doubt and frustration?

Again, you attract the essence of what you are thinking and feeling. Which begs the question: Do you need to think and feel differently to attract what you want?

Once you realize your incredible power to attract and create, you may start to worry about your every thought. 

You might be tempted to be hyper-vigilant to ensure no stray thoughts creep in that create negative emotion in you. In fact, this is a common phase to go through when you’re learning about Law of Attraction. You suddenly realize the creative power of your thoughts and, of course, you don’t want to create unwanted circumstances.

“A lot of Law of Attraction followers focus on trying to control their thoughts, but this can be extremely challenging because there are simply so many thoughts to keep track of! Instead, if you can simply monitor how you feel throughout the day, and keep trying to make yourself feel good, you will naturally start to attract more things that make you feel good, without having to wrestle your thoughts to the ground.” —Abraham

Maybe you’re experiencing the challenge Abraham is talking about. Where you know enough about Law of Attraction to worry about the power of your thoughts—and so you try to monitor every single thought you think. Well, that’s exhausting, crazy making, and impossible!

Also, consider how counterproductive it is to worry about your thinking. Worrying about your thoughts—or worrying about anything for that matter—is not going to attract what you want! If you are vibrating at the level of worry, you’ll attract more into your life to worry about.

So don’t worry about your thoughts. And relax; you don’t need to monitor your thinking all the time.

As always, Abraham offers excellent advice to simply pay attention to how you feel. Alway prioritize feeling good, always be reaching for the better-feeling thought, always turn your attention toward what makes you feel good and away from what doesn’t.

That’s all there is to it. Just keep focusing on what feels good. Think those thoughts. Speak those words. Take those actions.

It’s also nice to know that your manifesting thoughts are buffered by time.

“In your physical reality, things do not manifest instantly, for there is a wonderful buffer of time that gives you the opportunity to redirect your attention more toward what you do want to experience.” —Law of Attraction Cards

So if you find yourself thinking a thought that creates negative emotion in you, don’t worry and don’t fret—and know you have this beautiful buffer of time.

“It would be a difficult thing if you were instantly manifesting every whim or every misaligned thought. It’s so much better that you have this buffer of time where you can feel it into perfection before it manifests into your experience.” —Abraham

That’s good to know, right? So while you certainly don’t want to indulge in misaligned thoughts, an occasional one here or there is nothing to stress about.

Here’s the simplest way to understand what you are attracting: How do you feel right now?

  • If you feel good, you’re attracting what you want.
  • If you feel bad, you’re attracting what you don’t want.

Good feeling thoughts take you in the direction of what you want. Bad feeling thoughts take you away from what you want.

It really is that simple. So you want to focus your attention on what feels good.

”If you focus upon whatever you want, you will attract whatever you want. If you focus upon the lack of whatever you want, you will attract more of the lack.” —Abraham

The problem is many of us are thinking about the subject of what we want—the romantic relationship or plentiful money, the perfect body or good health, the fulfilling job or new house—but we are thinking about that subject from a place of lack, from a place of doubt, from a place of frustration or disappointment.

You get what you feel about, and so feelings of lack, doubt, frustration, and disappointment will not attract what you want.

“You do not have to have money to attract money, but you cannot feel poor and attract money. The key is, you have to find ways of improving the way you feel from right where you stand before things can begin to change. By softening your attention to the things that are going wrong, and by beginning to tell stories that lean more in the direction of what you want instead of in the direction of what you have got, your vibration will shift; your point of attraction will shift—and you will get different results.” —Abraham

You have to be a match to the vibration of what you want. You do that by feeling good, by feeling now how you’ll feel when what you want manifests.

  • You cannot feel poor and attract money.
  • You cannot feel lonely and attract a relationship.
  • You cannot feel sick and attract health.

You have to improve the way you feel right now—regardless of the circumstances around you—in order to attract what you want.

One of the easiest ways to improve how you feel right now, without anything external needing to change, is to appreciate. Appreciation feels good and allows what you want to manifest. In fact, appreciation can be your superpower.

“In the vibration of appreciation all things come to you. You don’t have to make anything happen. From what you are living, amplify the things you appreciate so that it is the dominate vibration you are offering and then only those things that are a vibrational match to that can come to you. Then sit back and know, ‘You ain’t seen nothing yet!’” —Abraham

So amplify the things you appreciate. By raising your vibration and changing your point of attraction you will attract what you want with ease.

“Rather than looking for things outside of you that cause you to feel better, it is much easier to decide to feel better first and then attract from the outside things that do.” —Abraham