Intuition & Inner Knowing: intuition

I’ve been writing letters to my intuition.

That would have sounded crazy to me even a couple years ago.

I used to say I didn’t hear that inner voice. Or maybe I didn’t have one.

But I’m realizing my intuition actually has quite a lot to say. If I’m willing to quiet the external chatter and listen.

Letting intuition decide

And, no surprise, my intuition is pretty spot-on when it comes to what makes me happy.

My intuition spoke when I left my cushy six-figure career. When we downsized to a 733 square foot apartment. When I got married after 15 years together.

Those have been some of the very best decisions of my life. And if I’m honest, my intuition made each one.

A recent letter to my intuition

Dear Intuition,

Thanks for always being there. I’m sorry I’ve sometimes (ok, often) ignored you. Or insulted you by saying you weren’t there at all. My bad.

So…is a question like: What should I do next? too big?

Intuition: It’s not that it’s too big, Jennifer. But there are no shoulds. There is only: What do you want to do?

Me: OK. I get that. Ball is back in my court. Nicely played. But what if I have many ideas, but not “the one”. What then?

Intuition: Inspired action is action in joy. So what is the joyful action?

Me: I know the joyful result I’m looking for.

Intuition (chuckling): Yes, you have lots of experience focusing on results. On the destination. I want you to enjoy the journey. So what is the action in joy?

Me: Creating and feeling inspired. Working happily toward something. Seeing the steps and enjoying taking them. Having a specific something in mind and moving toward it.

Intuition: Yes, that’s it. Working happily toward something specific. So pick and work happily. It is not more complicated than that. You like to get in your own way with scattered ideas. So get specific and create, in joy.

Now, you may be thinking: THAT is your intuition. Doesn’t seem so wise to me.

Ah, but it is.

Because my M.O. is to play with ideas of what I could do to the point I get stuck in the possibilities. My intuition knows this about me.

And it wants what’s best for me—to actually enjoy the journey. To only take action in joy.

I love that about my intuition. That it wants my journey to be joyful. How cool is that?

Which are you living from?

Here are a few distinctions about intuition:

  • inner knowing vs. external expectations
  • trust in self vs. trust in experts
  • what’s right for you vs. convention, what’s expected
  • living by your own inner wisdom vs. living by committee

Which side of those distinctions are you living from?

Do you listen to your own inner wisdom or live by committee? Do you put more faith in what “experts” say than what you know to be true for you?

It’s your turn

If you want to start living more intuitively, here’s an easy way to get started. Pull out a piece of paper and write “Dear Intuition,” at the top.

And then: It’s me. I could use some guidance. I’m thinking about ___ [fill in the blank].

After you’ve posed your question or described your situation, be quiet and listen. Really listen.

And then simply write what the wisest part of you knows.

Have you ever considered writing a letter to your intuition?