Start, Stop & Change: creating results

It used to be a struggle to create the results I wanted in my life. I’ve always been a big fan of setting goals, so that wasn’t the problem. No, something else was going on.

I would set a goal and take action, but then struggle to gain traction and sustain momentum.

It turns out I was very focused on the visible and tangible: Set a goal, figure out my options, take action. I don’t think I realized I was creating results all the time—from my actions—certainly, but also from the invisible, the intangible.

When my forward progress toward a goal stalled, my M.O. was to dig a little bit deeper and tap into my willpower. I’d try to take more action or figure out the right action.

But sometimes it just seemed action wasn’t enough.

Looking back, I can see my focus only on the goal and taking action was shortsighted.

It ignored everything lurking beneath the surface and in the background. It ignored the largely invisible factors that were at work 24/7 creating results in my life.

So what was lurking beneath the surface and in the background?

The diminishing duo of limiting beliefs and false assumptions. While largely invisible, make no mistake: Limiting beliefs and false assumptions have a significant impact on the results we create in our lives.

So what are we talking about here?

  • Limiting beliefs are the thoughts and stories you tell yourself that limit how you live your life.
  • False assumptions are the result of assuming incorrectly that something is true or false, intended or unintended, exists or does not exist, desired or undesired, will or will not happen.

What should we do in the face of limiting beliefs and false assumptions that lurk in the background of our thought processes and blunt our lives?

The best thing we can do is shine a light on them. A big bright spotlight.

I’ve found if I pause long enough to ask a few questions I can make the invisible visible—and zap the power of limiting beliefs and false assumptions.


Who would I need to be in order to realize this goal? This question pokes holes in Who I think I am and who I think I am not. For instance, maybe I need to be an expert in WordPress to achieve a particular goal and this question helps me figure out whether there’s a gap or not.


Which mindsets would best serve me in making progress toward my goal? The other day a client had an Aha! moment in realizing the connection between her scarcity mindset and not charging enough for her photography services.


Why is this goal important to me? Knowing the “Why” has an uncanny way of sustaining me through setbacks and the almost inevitable ebb and flow of momentum.


What habits do I need to grow—and prune—to reach this goal? It seems every goal I set for myself involves both growing and pruning habits. I ask this question upfront and all along the journey to achieving a goal.


How can I shine a light on beliefs holding me back from reaching this goal? If I hold the belief “I’m just not good at marketing“, then marketing my business gets a lot harder.


When do my expectations about the “right way” or the “right steps” in achieving this goal get in my way? I don’t know about you, but sometimes I make it harder on myself by coming to the table with preconceived notions about the one and only way to get from Point A to Point B.

It’s really this simple: You’re creating results all the time. With your actions and inactions. With the visible and invisible.

Is it possible your invisible limiting beliefs and false assumptions are creating the wrong results in your life?