What-is & Wanted vs. Unwanted: comparison

Well, comparison is also a sneaky energy thief.

Thinking everyone is better off—has it easier, has more stuff, better looks, more advantages…is an energy wasteland.

Comparison breeds bitterness, resentment and jealousy. It also triggers insecurity, anxiety and self-doubt.

Comparison: It’s the mantra of separation and disconnect.

Because whatever the particular comparison, it’s them versus you—and you come up lacking.

They have more success, better looks, more money, better connections, more advantages, a better marriage… They have more. You have less.

Looking at the world through a lens of comparison where you always come up short is draining and demoralizing. You always lose.

What if you make friends with the green-eyed monster? What if you use the envy of comparison as a spotlight?

Because maybe all it’s doing is shining a light on what you crave—and want to create for yourself.

  • If you envy a former colleague who launched her own business, maybe that means you need to take a look at whether some part of you wants to launch—be it a business, a side project, or a creative endeavor.
  • If you find yourself envying a friend who’s always polished and put together, perhaps there’s a part of you yearning to show up in the world differently.

Refuse to get stuck in the envy and agony of comparison.

Instead, use comparison as a way pointer and way finder.

Embrace that what you envy is giving you an opportunity to clarify what you crave, orient around what’s missing, and navigate in the direction of what you want to create for yourself.

How does that change what life looks and feels like? How does that change what’s possible?