Start, Stop & Change: back burner syndrome

Are there things you want to do that keep getting put on the back burner because it’s not the right time.

Perhaps you want to go back to school, be more active in your community, learn a language, change careers, write a book, take a trip, run a 10K—or any number of things you want for you.

But you keep putting them on the back burner.

You’re waiting until…

You’re waiting until your kids are in school. Or out of school. You’re waiting until you get your bonus check. Or until the economy improves. You’re waiting until you can change careers. Or until you get in shape. Or until…

In other words, you’re waiting until X. Because when X happens, you tell yourself you’ll be able to dust off those dreams you’ve put on the back burner.

New reasons to wait

The problem with Back Burner Syndrome is even when the original condition is met—so, let’s say, the kids are off to college and the nest is empty—you simply come up with new reasons why you need to wait a little longer.

And so you pile a little more onto the back burner. And you wait some more.

Aren’t you tired of all that waiting?