Love, Joy & High-Vibe Living: luck

My dictionary says luck is success or failure brought by chance rather than through your own actions.

Yes, there’s that kind of luck. Fate. Kismet. Destiny.

But there’s a different kind too. The kind of luck that very much depends on the actions you take. Because when it comes to being lucky, there’s plenty you can do to grease the skids.

Here are 3 ways to be your very own lucky charm:

  1. Venture outside your comfort zone. Stepping outside what you’ve always done and who you’ve always been creates luck. Because when you try new things—even when it feels awkward or scary—Lady Luck smiles her big smile. She wants to reward you for venturing out and choosing challenge over comfort. Opportunity is always waiting outside your comfort zone. Maybe you’ll make a new friend, learn a new skill, or see yourself in a new light. Outside your comfort zone is where all the learning and creating and growing happens. And that’s a pretty lucky place to be.
  2. Don’t be shy about what you want. I’m amazed how many women keep their hopes and dreams hidden away. Afraid to say aloud what they really want. Well, how can the universe conspire with you if it doesn’t know what you want? Not to mention your family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. Being clear about what you want and boldly declaring it can change your luck in an instant. It’s this simple: Stop hiding your dreams + Stop hiding out in your own life = Luck happens.
  3. Choose to see the glass half full. The fact is: Some of your suffering and struggle is self-imposed. It comes not so much from circumstances in your life, but from your mindset. But here’s the great news: Each and every day, you can consciously choose how you want to show up in your life—regardless of external circumstances. Consciously choose your mindset with intention—the present is perfect, comparison is the thief of joy, done is better than perfect, just to name a few—and you create your very own stroke of luck.

What will you do today to make luck a little less about the stars aligning or a twist of fate—and a lot more about your actions?