Manifesting & Deliberate Creation: visualization

There’s a really compelling reason you would want to include visualization in your LoA toolkit. And here it is: You very likely look around at your life as it is today, right now, and notice things you would like to be different.

But those things cannot be different unless you get your attention and focus off the current reality, the current state of what-is.

Here’s an example: You look at your bank statement and wish you had more money in your account. You look at the unpaid bills you haven’t wanted to open.

As you look at the what-is of your bank statement and the unpaid bills, feeling discouragement and fear, you hold yourself in place. Looking at a what-is you don’t want keeps you vibrationally in that same place, which then attracts circumstances and things that match up.

You want more money flowing into your life, more money in your bank account. You want the ease and freedom of abundance.

Here’s how Abraham says you can match that desire you have for abundance—or whatever it is you are wanting.

“If you can’t vibrationally match it through what you’re observing, no problem. Vibrationally match it through imagination.” —Abraham

That is the beauty and power of visualization.

Of being able to use your imagination to get to a different vibrational place. Of being able to use your imagination to feel differently so that the vibration you offer, to which Law of Attraction responds, is different.

“Many around you want to point out “reality” to you. They say, ‘Face the facts. Look at what-is.’ And we say to you, if you are able to see only what-is…then, by Law of Attraction, you will create only more of what-is. You must be able to put your thoughts beyond what-is in order to attract something different or something more.” —Abraham

Visualization is how you put your thoughts beyond what-is.

Now, you may already know and be nodding your head in agreement with all that—the why of visualization.

But what if you understand all that, but visualizing isn’t really working for you. You’re not sure you’re doing it right. Trying to visualize often leaves you feeling frustrated, perhaps impatient or doubtful.

And so your attempts to visualize feel “off” somehow.

You know visualization could be a powerful tool in your LoA toolkit, but you have this sense you’re not really using it to your advantage. This brings me to what I think is the real and frequent misunderstanding when it comes to visualization.

Some of us are visualizing as an action we are taking to make what we want happen.

Let me put that in a different way so you can wrap your mind around it: If you are visualizing because you think it’s important to take that action to clarify what you want, to communicate to the Universe what you want, to think about about what you want more often, more fully, with more detail, then you are missing the real point and payoff of visualizing.

Because it’s really none of those things. You are not working to create what you want when you are visualizing.

The reason you visualize is to get in the feeling place of what you are wanting.

Visualization is a vibrational tuning. When you visualize, you are tuning your vibration.

“It’s not creating what’s coming that you’re working on, it’s adjusting the vibration of where you’re at that you’re working on. Can you hear the distinction? People are visualizing, but that’s off in the future, it feels like later. It’s got to feel like NOW.” —Abraham

Abraham, once again, has totally expanded my thinking on this subject!

  • When you are visualizing the satisfying romantic relationship you want and you don’t feel satisfaction, you’re visualizing in a way that does not benefit you.
  • When you are visualizing the new job you want and not feeling the freedom you desire, you are not adjusting the vibration of where you are right now.

Let’s take that a little further because I want to describe what many share with me has been their experience.

As you try to visualize the relationship you want, the wellness you want, the goals and shiny pennies you want, and you feel frustrated as you visualize, then frustration is the vibration you are offering.

It doesn’t matter how long you visualize or the images you have playing in your mind, if frustration is what you are feeling, then frustration is the vibration to which LoA responds.

Or if not frustration, my clients have shared that visualization in the past has made them feel impatience, doubtful, disappointed, unworthy, pessimistic, even angry. Ok, so you’re with me here, if visualization is creating negative emotion in you, then it would be better not to visualize.

Because there’s no benefit to doing something that makes you feel bad.

It is the feeling state to which Law of Attraction responds. Whether you are observing what-is or visualizing with your imagination, how you feel is what is important. The vibration you offer is what’s important.

Visualization is only useful if it’s doing that tuning to your vibration.

If it’s creating those high vibe emotions. If it feels good as you do it.

“Your work is to create the feeling in yourself even before you have the relationship, even before you have the money, even before you have the thing.” —Abraham

That’s what visualization offers you. Visualization offers you the means by which you can feel now how you will feel when you have the things you want.

Since Law of Attraction is always responding to how you feel, visualization that feels good, is an incredibly powerful tool in your LoA toolkit.

“When you visualize for the joy of visualizing rather than with the intention of correcting some deficiency, your thoughts are more pure and, therefore, more powerful.” —Abraham

Have you been trying to visualize to correct some deficiency you perceive in your life? That’s not the energy you want to bring to visualization.

  • Visualize because it feels good.
  • Visualize because it’s so good to feel now how you want to feel.
  • Visualize because it feels so good to appreciate your desires and experience their associated emotions in advance of the manifestation.

Visualize for the joy of visualizing.

But too many of us are not feeling good when we visualize. We are efforting, we are straining. We are getting overly specific with the details and then doubting how that could ever happen. We are being overly general and feeling “meh” about what we’re visualizing.

Visualization is really just directing your thoughts. It’s directing your thoughts in a way that focuses on what you want to create, what you want in your life for your relationships, your body, your money, etc. Focusing on those things you want in a way that feels good.

“Few realize that they can control the way they feel and positively affect the things that come into their life experience by deliberating directing their thoughts.” —Abraham

But you do know this. You do know that you can control the way you feel by deliberately thinking thoughts that feel good to you when you think them.

“Imagine it today. If the imagining of it will be enough for you that you will let it soothe you, then it is our promise to you, it will turn into the thing.” —Abraham

I love that! Let the imagining of what you want be enough to soothe you. That is what will speed the manifestation into form of what you want.

Bottom line: If you are frustrated when you try to visualize, then it would be better to stop trying to visualize.

Why? Because Law of Attraction is responding to how you feel, not the pictures in your head or what’s pictured on your vision board.

Visualize if it feels good, but stop if it doesn’t.

And let me add this: Some of us are believing we’re just not good at visualization. It’s for other people, but for for us.

Kind of like how meditation divides us. There are those who think meditation and visualization are for other people. Others are just naturally good at those things, but not you.

If that sounds familiar, I want to just pause and shine a light. Because believing you are not good at visualization is just a belief. Like any other belief, it is simply a practiced thought. If that practiced thought doesn’t serve you—which I don’t think it does—then you want to change it.

You want to practice the thought, Hey, I’m getting better at visualization all the time. This is something fun to do, that I enjoy doing. This is a skill I’m practicing with ease and lightness and it’s flowing more and more now.

So if you’re someone who hasn’t thought of yourself as being great at visualizing, that’s an old story. The new story you are going to tell is: I have an imagination. I have things I want. I can think about those desires in a fun and relaxed way that makes me feel good. I can do this more often and with ever more ease.

“You can offer your vibration on purpose. That’s what visualization is. That’s what imagination is: Projecting thought energy on purpose.” —Abraham

This is an invitation to project your thought energy on purpose.

If you’ve been efforting at visualization and feeling negative emotion, I want you to lighten up. Visualize only in ways that feel good.

  • If you get too specific and lose the feeling you’re after, go general.
  • If going general isn’t creating the emotion you want to feel, get more specific.

I have found visualization is a dance between general and specific. It’s not about deciding on doing it only one way all the time. Instead, it’s trusting your Emotional Guidance System to guide you to what’s flowing downstream for you in the present moment.

You can visualize as specifically as you’d like—as long as you can still feel good. Often, though, what happens is when we get overly detailed in what we are visualizing, our mind starts to ask, How? How will that happen?

How is not your focus when you are visualizing. You are simply enjoying thoughts about what you want—the pictures in your head about what you desire—and enjoying the feeling they produce in you.

“To bring anything in your life, imagine that it’s already there.” —Abraham

Visualize your life as you want it to be.

Now if your question is: But how do I do this? How do I actually visualize? My answer can only be this: Visualize what you want in a way that makes you feel good.

That is going to be different for every person, and it’s even going to be different for you at different times. Sometimes it feels really good when I visualize and there’s so much detail in what I’m imagining. Other times getting specific starts to dilute my high vibration and so I go way more general.

“Visualize your life as you want it to be. Go to a quiet, private environment for 15 minutes every day where you can close your eyes and imagine your body, environment, relationships, and life in ways that please you.” —Abraham

In ways that please you. You will know if the way you are visualizing pleases you by how you feel. It really is that simple.

As you visualize what you want and as you enjoy the feeling of already having it, then all you need to do is turn it over to the Universe. Go on about your day, appreciating what you already have and feeling good, and the Universe will manifest your desires.