I can hardly believe I’ve released the 200th episode of Love Your Life + Law of Attraction! It seems only yesterday my intuition gave me a nudge that a podcast was next for me.

And if you’ve heard me tell the story, my immediate reaction was No, no I don’t think so. Sounds like a lot of work. Way outside my comfort zone. I don’t know anything about podcasting.

But…the story goes on. I know the very real downside of ignoring my intuition. Whenever I don’t follow my intuition, when I look back I realize the wisdom of that inner voice.

And so, in 2017 I made a sort of agreement with my intuition that I would take a step forward with a podcast if and only if it were fun and flowed. I would move forward with the idea only if it were downstream.

In other words, no efforting, no struggle, no pushing or forcing myself to do anything I didn’t feel like doing.

I used this from Abraham as my guide: “First, I reach for joy, and all else follows.”

Well, one downstream moment flowed to the next and the next. I launched my show on January 1, 2018, and every Monday since then a new episode has released. And here we are at #200!

I want to celebrate the past 3 1/2 years of creating the show. I create each and every episode of Love Your Life from an aligned state, and I will continue to do the show as long as it is fun and flows.

I’ve always said I do the podcast first and foremost for myself. The show has been and continues to be such a wonderful container to deepen my own LoA practice. Each week I get to delve into some aspect of Law of Attraction, understand it better, and practically apply it in my own life.

I so appreciate everyone who is attracted to the show and makes me part of their day.

I receive emails every week from listeners who take me along on their morning run or out for a walk with the dog or has me with them in the car on the commute to work. It is truly wonderful to be on this LoA journey with you.

I thought it would be fun to answer a few questions I’ve been asked over the years about doing the show. In answering those questions I will also tell you what the pre-LoA version of me would have done. Because in celebrating this 200th episode, I’m also celebrating my journey that begin April 2017 when I re-discovered Law of Attraction.

My life has so significantly changed since then. Love Your Life + Law of Attraction is only one of many manifestations that have unfolded for me since becoming obsessed with all things Law of Attraction, raising my vibration, and improving my point of attraction.

So let’s dive in and I’ll answer a few questions.

Will you ever have guests on the show?

If you’re a regular listener of Love Your Life, you know it’s always me, only me.

I receive dozens of requests each month from people who would like to be a guest on the show. These requests come from book authors and speakers and other coaches.

There is no doubt some of these guests would be perfectly aligned with the content of my show, and you might absolutely love for me to have them on. You might enjoy their perspective and enjoy the co-creation that would take place.

But here’s the thing: I’m in alignment with a solo format for the show. I love the freedom of doing the show on my own. Whenever I consider a guest format, I feel friction.

Doing the show solo is alignment. Having guests on the show would be misalignment. It’s really that simple.

In making that decision, it was as simple as asking myself, Jennifer, what do you want to do? That simple question is where it all starts. And really that simple question is where it ends too.

What do you want to do? OK, do that.

Now, the pre-LoA version of me might have asked: What are other podcasters doing? What do the business gurus recommend? What do I need to do for the growth of the show? What will be most profitable?

In other words, I would have made my decision about solo vs. guest format based on what made sense from a business perspective or from a list of pros and cons.

Today, I make decisions based on what I want to do and what’s in alignment for me. Because I know when I make decisions that feel good and when I align with those decisions, abundance and good things will flow.

I actually get this next question a lot, particularly from others who are considering starting a podcast.

Where do you record the show? Do you have a recording studio?

This question always makes me chuckle a little because I most certainly do not have a recording studio.

When I first started out after that intuitive nudge and was learning about the mechanics of podcasting—like the equipment needed, how to have the best sound quality, and what web hosting service to use—one thing I read was if you didn’t have access to a studio (and many podcasters don’t), then go into a closet to record.

This is because the clothes will help create a better audio experience. The clothing acts as a sound absorber so it doesn’t bounce around hard surfaces in a wide open room, which can give a recording an echoing sound.

Oh my gosh! My immediate response to this advice was: No way am I headed into a closet each week to record. Remember what I said at the outset: I’m only moving forward with the podcast if it’s fun and flows.

Schlepping my computer and microphone into a closet and sitting in the dark did not sound like fun or flow.

And so I just dialed into what I wanted, not what I didn’t want. OK, so where do you want to record the show, Jennifer? My answer: Sitting at my writing desk looking out the window at downtown Ann Arbor.

And so…every episode of Love Your Life + Law of Attraction has been recorded sitting at my writing desk looking out the window at downtown Ann Arbor.

Here’s the thing: My desk is in the corner of our open floor plan living space, which is loft-like with high ceilings and probably the echoing that would be used as an example of where not to record a podcast.

Would the sound quality be better if I were in my clothes closet? Maybe…probably. But would I feel high vibe in the closet? No, I would not.

And so, once again, I made a decision based on what I want to do that feels good to me. I trust if I take action from a state of alignment, like recording at my writing desk in a big open space rather than in a semi-sound proofed closet, good things will flow.

The pre-LoA version of me was all about taking external advice as the gospel. I often followed the example of others, particularly in business-related things, and readily accepted this is what you should do or this is just the way you have to do it.

Of course, following external advice often lead to misalignment. The belief, this is just the way you have to do it is almost always low vibe.

Another question I’m asked is about how to listen to the show, as in what order.

If I’m new to the show, how should I listen to the episodes? In order by starting at the beginning with #1? Or current ones first and work backwards?

There is no one right way, and this is a chance to listen to your intuition. Each episode is stand-alone in the sense you can get something from any one episode even if you never listen to any of the others.

And so I would suggest following your intuition. Is listening in order what’s in alignment for you? Are you in the mood to spin the wheel and see where it lands? Do you like to look for episode titles that catch your eye?

Do what feels right for you. When you do, that will most assuredly be the right way.

The pre-LoA version of me would definitely have told you the best way to listen to the show, which makes me smile now. Back then I would have thought I needed all the answers and the idea of intuition was pretty foreign to me.

So I would have come up with a prescribed order or approach. Do it this way. Yikes! That doesn’t sound in the vibration of freedom, does it?

How do you come up with ideas for the show?

First and foremost, the topics for the show are aspects of Law of Attraction I’m interested in exploring.

It could be an aspect of LoA I’m wanting to understand better. Or I’m curious about how to apply something I know in a practical way in my real life. Often during a coaching session, some aspect of LoA comes up I’m curious about and want to explore, which leads me to read and research, and then that becomes an episode.

Deciding on the subject of a particular show is a really intuitive process. The other day this question popped into my mind: What’s the difference between tolerating and allowing? I’m curious to explore that. If it flows, that will be the topic of a future episode.

Sometimes I’m initially in interested in a particular topic, but when I move forward with it, the spark is gone. There is no flow.

To push and pursue that topic would be upstream, and so I easily and immediately take it off my radar. I just let that topic go. If it’s meant to come back around, it will.

I’m always open to listeners suggesting topics they would like me to cover in a future episode. At the same time I’m always going to do episodes on aspects of LoA that are of interest to me. I’m never doing an episode only because that’s what someone else wants.

The pre-LoA version of me absolutely would have surveyed my audience and then created episodes based on what others wanted. I would have thought that was the way to do it, that was a good business decision, that was how I would grow my audience.

These days I trust exploring aspects of LoA that interest me and creating from a high vibe place will attract outcomes that are a match to that frequency. I don’t want to make decisions through the lens of Is it a good or bad business decision? Instead, I want to make decisions based on alignment.

I trust that when I do, there will be good outcomes all around. I’ll enjoy the journey of creating the episodes and the results of those episodes will be pleasing to me, including growing my audience.

Trust is a key ingredient in the decisions I make about the podcast and in my coaching business as a whole. Trust in the support of the Universe and trust in alignment as fuel that will take me where I want to go.

I’ll share another example of this type of trust and alignment-based decision making.

Love Your Life + Law of Attraction routinely ranks in the top 200 podcasts on Apple in its category. At times you’ll even find the show in the top 100. This is pretty amazing given there are some 2 million podcasts in the world!

Given the popularity of the show, I’m approached just about every month by an agency interested in running ads on the show.

I’ve had some wonderful conversations with some of the different agencies out there and had a lot fun exploring the possibilities. In the end, though, it has not been in alignment for me to say yes to any of these opportunities.

The pre-LoA version of me would have looked at this scenario only through the lens of: Is it a good business opportunity? What can I anticipate as far as revenue? What will I get out of it?

The version of me today who is living Law of Attraction made this decision based on alignment.

Offering exclusive bonus episodes on Patreon is my aligned action to keep this show ad-free. In other words, you are not hearing ads for mattresses and car insurance right now because I am not in alignment with those being on the show.

Could I make money by running those ads? Absolutely! But I trust that true abundance flows from alignment. Whatever revenue would come from running ads I am not in alignment with would not be worth it.

And, of course, if you appreciate that I keep this show ad-free, I invite you to support my work by becoming a patron for those bonus episodes.

Do you have help creating the show?

Yes, I have help from the Universe!

When I’m in alignment, I feel the support of the Universe. Inspiration happens. The dots connect. The words flow. Indeed, the Universe is my project manager and I delegate a lot!

But, in answer to the question on another level: No, I do not have help in the sense of someone helping create content, editing the show, doing backend tasks for publishing, etc.

I really enjoy doing all those things. Meaning, I do them in joy.

That is what’s true for me today. If it’s not true tomorrow, then I won’t do them any longer.

My understanding is most podcast creators outsource the editing of their shows. So if I make this decision based on what is the norm or what I perceive everyone else is doing, I would definitely hire someone to edit the show.

But I like doing it! Editing is actually often something that gets me in alignment. And if you took that away I would feel a little disappointed. And so I will continue to do it.

The pre-LoA version of me didn’t know about alignment, and so what feels good would not have been the litmus test for which tasks in my business I would do versus which ones I would outsource.

But these days, alignment, alignment, alignment. It’s the answer to all my questions. It’s the way forward on any decision.

The takeaways here are based on those distinctions I made between the pre-LoA version of me and the me today.

Let’s take me out of the equation and make the same concepts applicable to you:

  • Start asking yourself the simple question: What do I want to do?
  • Don’t follow external advice that doesn’t feel good.
  • Listen to your own intuition—about everything.
  • Trust decisions made from a high vibration attract good outcomes.
  • Trust abundance flows from alignment.
  • Trust alignment is always the way forward.

“I like knowing that my job is joy, and that when I find joy in each and every moment, I also find freedom and abundance, because joy and freedom and abundance are all the same vibration.” —Abraham.