Manifesting & Deliberate Creation: creating results

Every month I do a monthly check-in of what I call the 4Rs—the Right questions to Reconnect, Recalibrate, and Recommit.

The session takes about an hour. I reflect on the past month and answer a series of 20 thought-provoking questions that help me reconnect to what I want for the year, recalibrate my goals, and recommit to what matters most.

Sometimes, though, I don’t like the answer to this one question: What results have you been creating in your life?

Oh, there’s always good stuff for sure. And I usually start with the results I’ve been creating in my life that I want.

But then there’s also some not-so-good stuff I’ve created in my life over the past month.

  • I refused to ask for help and spent way too much time trying to figure out how to fix a problem on my website. This created a time crunch for meeting deadlines on other projects.
  • I procrastinated about calling to resolve an issue with our insurance policy, and it caused me to feel stress every day I put it off.
  • I chose screen time over real-time connecting more than usual this past month, and it left me feeling a little disconnected in my relationships.
  • I didn’t talk back to my limiting belief about visibility-vulnerability, and it delayed saying yes to a guest blogging opportunity.

You can see how the unwanted results I’ve been creating in my life aren’t much fun to think about.

But the question is so important because it reminds me of this: I have the capacity to create the results I want in my life.

  • My actions DO matter.
  • My beliefs and habits DO make a difference.
  • My assumptions and expectations DO, indeed, influence the outcome.

And just like me, YOU are creating results in your life with your actions and the choices you make.

You’re even creating results with your beliefs—about the world around you and about yourself. With your assumptions and expectations about what’s possible—and not.

What if you take a page out of my playbook and ask yourself this question: What results have you been creating in your life?