Intuition & Inner Knowing: rock the boat

Overheard: “I don’t want to tell him how I really feel. It will rock the boat.”

Granted, I have no context here.

How she really feels could be about the living room paint color he picked out, who she likes in the upcoming mayoral election, or wanting to have a baby.

But my vote is to rock the boat.

Hopefully gently and with love. And with compassion and acceptance for the outcome.

But rock the boat because it’s the only way to live fully, authentically.

How you really feel has a right to be expressed.

Contorting and censoring yourself to keep the peace is diminishing and dangerous.

  • Diminishing to the person doing it
  • Dangerous to the growth and health of the relationship.

Is there something you’re reluctant to share for fear of rocking the boat? What’s your worst fear about what will happen? What’s the best possible result?

What if you knew you can handle either outcome?